I wake up to the harsh rays of the sun burning my face

I wake up to the harsh rays of the sun burning my face. Birds of massive size circle around me with wicked intent, in front of me, was a place saturated with unending grains of golden sand – hot against my fingers, giving the whole island a golden glow. Glistening blue waters engulfed the island and sparkled in the presence of the sunlight raining down on this beautiful piece of land. Various trees spread all across with different tinted flowers growing all around inside the bushes. The clouds had no place in the picturesque morning sky as the majestic sun dominated. Lizards and various critters take shelter in the shadows of the rocks where the sand was not hot enough to roast them. The colours of the sky blended perfectly with the colours of the scenery. Its monumental beauty was like a masterpiece coming to life. A symphony of birds chirped harmoniously to a tune while the leaves whispered softly in the breeze as they tumbled and fluttered like snowflakes. The constant sounds of the thrashing waves were soothing and cast a spell of serenity over the mesmerizing scene.


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