I stumbled around helplessly

I stumbled around helplessly, no-where to go. The bush was silent, my footsteps echoing softly on the moss-entangled ground. The heavy fog submerged me. I shivered in the icy cool mist. I wanted to turn back but everywhere was the same. Fog. The air inside me seemed to have been sucked up and I could no longer breathe. My legs gave way and I crumpled onto the forest floor in an exhausted heap.

All of a sudden, I was in a dimly lit castle. I no longer felt tired. I got up and found myself looking around. The castle was extremely elegant against the mighty gales of wind. It was much better than out in the open. Extravagant antiques surrounded the room decorated and colourful. I spent some time exploring the wonderful castle. I even found an enormous jewel. Who was my saviour?

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Then the scene changed. I was back in the bush surrounded by fog, lying on my back. I realised it was all my imagination. The ugly surroundings were much darker now. I realised I had been here for over 3 hours. A wild dog howled dangerously in the distance. The trees cast evil shadows that loomed around. If I don’t get saved, I thought, I would either be attacked and killed by a wild animal or starved to death.

I rushed blindly around until I saw an indistinct light in the distance. I hurried toward it, trudging in the mud. The mist was intense, a few more minutes and I would have lost sight of the house. I am too young to die. I muttered to myself. When I could tramp no more, I slumped onto the doorstep of the house. Suddenly I realised. I had been tricked! I wasn’t in the bush! I had been in the park next to the bush the whole time walking around and around! This was my neighbourhood!

I ran back to my house like lightning, energised that I was not lost. I ran into my house and slammed the door shut. That was when I saw something even worse than being lost in the fog. My mum’s angry face. She yelled like an enraged monster. “Where have you been? You told me you were going to the park for a few minutes!” “You’ve got homework to do!” She roared.

I tried to tell her I got lost in the fog and I fainted, but she would think I was telling lies. Now that I think about it, I’ve got a better excuse about being kidnapped by aliens.


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