I see a slow progress in the industrial design community throughout the years

I see a slow progress in the industrial design community throughout the years. This is due to a conservative syllabus. This causes students to be incompetent when they join the industry. A Cultural and Religious Studies lecturer from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Benny Lim (2015), explains that Malaysia focuses on design skills but unable to classify and practice new trends. Malaysia is relatively new in Industrial 4.0 approach coming from a designer’s point of view. We are still behind in terms of technology and innovation.
My first choice is to study MSc Integrated Product Design at Brunel University. This program will equip me with the whole design process. It provides balance in other aspects such as technology development that will strengthen my existing knowledge. The subject, Design Innovation Futures, attracts my interest in gaining future trend technology which I will be able to apply in my local industry. Another reason Brunel interest me is due to a PhD candidate’s current research on the Internet of Things which I find intriguing. Demographically, many renowned design studios are accessible from the campus. This would give me great exposure to real-world practice.
My second choice is MSc Industrial Product Design at Coventry University. The reason is to maximise my aesthetic and design thinking skill that will give me great confidence to visualise my design ideas. Having knowledge in the production line, this program will help me to interpret user perception better as well as mastering global mass production operations. In addition, the Global Professional Development subject offered will earn me a professional recognition as it is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
My last choice will be MSc Design for Additive Manufacture at Loughborough University. This program offers a detailed study of digital and fabrication design that will be beneficial for the research and development stage in academic stage and industrial practice which will be time and cost effective. The university offers advanced facilities which can enhance my computer-aided design skill. Moreover, my former university used many references from Dr. Guy Bingham who is a lecturer from Loughborough University. Thus, I am familiar with his methodology.
In conclusion, UK has the largest design sector in Europe based on the UK Design Council findings. By learning a postgraduate science program in the UK, I would be able to give input to the syllabus and improve layers of professional knowledge to meet industrial demands.


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