I have chosen to work with a values and citizenship education topic

I have chosen to work with a values and citizenship education topic, that is, “Unity in Diversity”. According to the NCF (2015), one of the aim of the Values and Citizenship education is to ensure that, after six stages of schooling, learners will recognise and value diversity and engage in social justice. Therefore, the learners should develop a sense of national identity and belonging, love and pride for the country (National Curriculum Framework Grades 1 to 6, 2015, p.104). The Instructional Resource was designed for grade 2 students but could also be used in the other grades as well and through this topic, I personally believe that the values of respect for the national flag and responsibility to promote unity as a citizen of Mauritius could be inculcated in the students. Beautifully created with drawings and enriched with decorations, the instructional resource serves as a pedagogical tool which will serve as a learning support for teaching the values of respect and responsibility in a creative way.

By applying a variety of techniques learnt I have handcrafted the Instructional Resource to capture children’s attention while making the students learn and understand the meaning behind the four colours of our national flag. Each colour has a specific meaning and through the use of this instructional resource, the students will be exposed to the different meanings which could enhance their respect for the national flag and also their respect for the diversity of cultures that exist in Mauritius. As such, the learners will become aware that they have the responsibility as citizen to promote unity and respect for the different cultures that forms part of the island. Using the same resource, I will be able to reinforce the students’ understanding of primary and secondary colors as well as making reference to the complementary colours available in the colour wheel as could be witnessed in the Instructional Resource. Moreover, using an integrated approach, the leaners will also learn a local song which relates to the four colours of our national flag and also reinforce the value of ‘unity in diversity’ for our country since we have a multicultural population (Refer to Appendix 1).

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As a holistic educator, creating this Instructional Resource has greatly sharpened my observation and imaginative skills. It has enabled me to develop my creativity, thanks to my tutor of textile craft, whereby I was pleasantly surprised with the result from the various techniques I used such as; fabric printing & painting, embroidery stitches, fabric appliqué, fabric flower (i.e., Yoyo) and braiding. It has also helped me develop technical skills such as working with stencil, template, measuring and calculating. Consequently, all the skills required in manipulating media, materials and techniques that I have learnt would eventually help me to make learning effective and fun in my classroom. However, working with embroidery stitches was the most time consuming part of creating this Instructional Resource but the experience was a good one as well as the end result.


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