I attend the play “The Crucible” on April 24

I attend the play “The Crucible” on April 24,2018 at Southeastern.For starters,the play was incredible, i enjoyed many aspects of the play.
In the beginning of the play i was confused. I had no idea what was going on and why all the characters were upset.I didn’t know the chact
The costumes were amazing, they fitted there characters and the time era.I really enjoyed that the costumes were from head to toes. From the wigs and pointy shoes.My favorite characters were John Proctor and Abigail.These actor/actress did a great job with there character.John’s voice projection was perfect and his words were clear.His gestures were on point throughout the entire play.Abigail did really good with being very dramatic, while watching her I felt like I was actually watching a movie and it was real.
The scenery was beautiful, I appreciated the different backdrops that made it appear more realistic.I believe there could have been more props and stage setting. The stage was a bit small for all the many characters. Several times throughout the play i feared that someone was going to trip or fall.


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