I actually loved the book

I actually loved the book. I enjoyed reading it. It was my first time to read that kind of book and so far that until the end, I did not get bored. I really like Matilda’s character. I envy her. I also wanted to be as intelligent as she was. I admire her kindness and willingness to help others and she is humble. She knows exactly how to behave or treat others depending on the situation.

While reading the book, a lot of thoughts were in my mind. First I am really mad with Matilda’s parent! How could they treat their daughter so poorly? They are the worst parents ever. I can feel how sad Matilda that she has that kind of parents. Next I hate Mrs. Trunchbull. She’s like a wicked witch on a fairytale story. She is the most evil and corrupt Headmistress ever. I felt really angry when I knew that she is the cause of Ms. Honey’s hardships plus the fact that she abused her power as the Headmistress is something that makes me hate her even more. How can students be encouraged to go to school when they know that there is a “monster” that could kill them anytime? Good thing Matilda was able to manage in teaching this Trunchbull a lesson that she will never ever forget. Matilda is still lucky because she met Ms. Honey, her teacher which in the end happened to be her family. It’s good to have someone you can trust and be comfortable with. This is my similarity with Matilda. I also have a teacher to whom I’m really close with. I can tell her everything I want even the simplest thing that bothers me. We treat each other as family.

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