i. To assess the level of customer satisfaction with service delivery by Zanzibar Electricity Corporation
ii. To examine the impact of unsatisfactory customer services to tourism industry in Northern Region of Unguja whereby most big hotels are located
iii. To examine the strategies applied by Zanzibar Electricity Corporation to increase revenue collection as an important initiative to improve customer satisfaction
iv. To propose areas of improvement to enable ZECO achieve her business vision
The study will be guided by the following research questions: –
i. What is the level of Customer satisfaction in Zanzibar Electricity Corporation?
ii. What is the effect of unsatisfactory customer service to hotels corporate customers and others in the research area?
iii. What are the strategies used by Zanzibar Electricity Corporation to increase revenue collection as a tool to improve customer satisfaction level?
iv. What to be done to improve customer satisfaction?

1.7 Significance of the study

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Confidently, the study will be of the high benefit to ZECO staff, Management, Board of Directors, Ministry responsible for energy, Stakeholders including the Government of Zanzibar and other researchers which will use this study as primary study for the continuation of the remaining uncovered part of Unguja Island and even beyond. The study will help ZECO management to point out vulnerable areas to be improved, when, how, to what extent the resources should be utilized more economically to achieve the best possible outcome.
Specifically, the results and recommendations of this study will be used by ZECO Management as guidance for the improvement of all weak areas within the corporation. The study will also help Z


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