A long range informal communication site makes an online network of Internet clients that empowers individuals to separate the hindrances of time, separation, and culture contrasts. Long range interpersonal communication Web destinations enable individuals to connect with others online by imparting insights, bits of knowledge, data, interests, and encounters. Individuals from an online informal organization may utilize the website to associate with companions, relatives, and partners individuals they know yet they may likewise make utilization of the webpage to grow new close to home and expert’s connections. With more than two billion Internet clients around the world, there is an interminable scope of interests spoke to on the web and a correspondingly extensive variety of long range interpersonal communication Web locales considering those interests. Many people to person communication Web locales exist 1.
Albeit a great many people have a general thought of the essential idea, person to person communication implies distinctive things to various individuals relying upon their experience, interests, objectives, and dimension of PC astute. MySpace (www.myspace.com) and YouTube (www.youtube.com) are two of the most well-known locales on the web. For some individuals, these two locales fulfill all their long-range informal communication needs. Yet, the universe of long-range informal communication is a lot bigger than its two most elevated profile locales. Business organizers could decide person to person communication isn’t right for them in the wake of visiting MySpace and YouTube in the event that they didn’t likewise look at the numerous business-situated destinations that could offer them a lot more noteworthy advantages. At the end of the day, the universe of long-range informal communication is wide and various. Albeit early adopters of person to person communication skew to the youthful, the pattern has now moved into the standard with locales for all ages, foundations, and interests. There’s something for everybody, except you have to realize where to discover it. A brisk voyage through the universe of long range interpersonal communication gives you a thought of the tremendous contrasts between these destinations and additionally the conceivable outcomes for how person to person communication could profit you 2.
There’s no denying it: These days, simply having a writer site isn’t sufficient to get you seen as an author. Web-based social networking has turned into an immense piece of regular day to day existence 3.

The role of the Internet in personal and professional lives of people has increased dramatically during the last decade and today people use the Internet for many different purposes including education, shopping, communication, working, entertainment etc. Social Networking Sites have emerged as a platform for displaying individual profiles, sharing information, photos, videos, experiences among Internet users as well as forming friendships and sending messages to each other
The job of the Internet in close to home and expert existences of individuals has expanded significantly amid the most recent decade and today individuals utilize the Internet for some, extraordinary purposes including training, shopping, correspondence, working, amusement and so forth. Long range informal communication Sites have developed as a stage for showing singular profiles, sharing data, photographs, recordings, encounters among Internet clients and in addition framing fellowships and sending messages to one another4 “Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of friends when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are lucky” 5.
Understudies in the cutting edge world are caught up with utilizing web-based social networking for various purposes alongside different exercises. Research thinks about uncovered that over the top utilization of online life impacts the emotional wellness of understudies. This examination was intended to quantify the connection between online life and despondency among college understudies. The primary goals of the examination were, to research the view of college understudies in regards to the use of web-based life systems, to discover sexual orientation savvy contrasts of college understudies in utilizing web-based life systems and misery level and to quantify the relationship of web-based life and sorrow among college understudies. Following quantitative correlational research plan, the example which was comprised of 200 Facebook and Twitter clients involving 123 male and 77 female understudies from University of Swat and Peshawar were reviewed through two research instruments i.e. a survey and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). Results: The principal discoveries of the examination were; a large portion of the male web-based life clients were more discouraged than female. The understudies who invested more energy in web-based life were discovered discouraged. The understudies who invested more energy in internet-based life seeking wellbeing data and playing amusements were more discouraged than the individuals who utilized online networking to a talk with loved ones. End: It was reasoned that male understudies who invested more energy in web-based life were discovered more discouraged than female and understudies who utilized online networking for seeking wellbeing data and playing recreations were more discouraged than the individuals who utilized web-based life for the talk with loved ones 6.
Informal communication advances open another kind of moral space in which individual personalities and networks, both genuine and virtual, are built, introduced, arranged, oversaw and performed. Appropriately, logicians have broken down SNS both as far as their uses “advancements of oneself” 7 encourage the development and execution of individual character, and regarding the unmistakable sorts of common standards and good practices produced by SNS 8.
Besides that, Qatar has 88.1% individual Internet penetration – highest in the Middle East as is shown in the Figure1. From the figure, it can be deduced that the Percentage of households with internet in Qatar is next to Singapore, and the average number of records that are lost are highest in Qatar, shown in Figure 1. Moreover, among the countries in the Middle East, Qatar is the most targeted one 9 and thus, it is taken as an example in this research to elucidate the urgency of enhancing social networking.

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Source: 2012 Percentage of households with internet.
Figure 1: percentage of households records for different countries in Middle East

Qatar is an ideal example to illustrate the impacts a nation may face due to the negative impact of social networking. According to Population Statistics of September 2017, Qatar is a small Arab country with a population of 2.6 million 10. Nevertheless, its size, it has made extensive technological and economic progress. Qatar has a huge Internet penetration with 97.4 % of households using wireless technology, as of June 30, 2016 11. A report published by World Economic Forum (WEF) on Global Competitive Index for the year 2015-16, showed that Qatar ranked 14th out of 140 countries in the world and is ranked first globally in GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS 12. Moreover, Qatar stood 31st worldwide out of 167 countries in the ICT DEVELOPMENT INDEX in “Measuring the Information Society 2015 Report”, which was published by the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 13. These reports conclude that Qatar is one of the booming countries worldwide with steady expansion in online connectivity. Which makes it an immensely attractive target to increase social networking crimes.

A. Invasion through websites in Qatar
Regional and national attackers focus on Qatar with various and dangerous attacks when compared to its past. The severe assault in the historical background of the State of Qatar is the latest attack on May 23, 2017, in a month indistinguishable from the “WannaCry” Ransomware attack that has affected computers around the world. Due to the digital assault, the Qatar News Agency website was not open, and a more visible tape appeared at the base showing that the prince was fanning the fanatics. 14 The comments stirred the Qatar Association’s confusion with its colleagues and began a barrier in the GCC. Following the progress of the serious examinations, a sequential request for penetration of QNA, which was broadcast to the media by the MOI in July 2017, was announced and announced that the penetration of the QNA site began on 19 April 2017 and ended with the real attack on May 24 15. The message, which was reported on a virtual basis by cybercriminals on May 23, has seriously affected the prosperity of citizens and residents of Qatar. Under the auspices of the Digital Assault, the Gulf states ended political relations with Qatar by forcing a land and air tape and a serious surrounding of the neighboring state. 14 It was a kind of Electronic Warfare with Qatar networks that scuttled incorrect comments that Qatar got in a pitiful circumstance that endangered the experts and pushed negative conditions. This attack was proposed to undermine the security situation of Qatar by another country.


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