How to manage your time

How to manage your time?
1. List all the things you need to do
Knowing your goals is the basic stage of managing your time effectively. You can use a planner or to-do list to have a reminder about the things you need to do.
2. Plan ahead of time
After listing the things you need to do, you have to plan on when to finish a certain work.
3. Prioritize the task
Avoid things that may distract you on doing your work. Say no for extra wandering, say yes to meeting the deadline of your task.
4. Do the task one at a time
Schedule all the things you have to do and make sure to finish the task on its deadline. Avoid doing it simultaneously because, for sure, you cannot focus on completing the task.
5. Don’t pressure yourself
In doing all of these, you do not need to pressure yourself because you have to believe that you can make it. Focus on finishing the task, take enough rest and sleep well.


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