How to make stress your friend Adolescents are facing all types of problems today

How to make stress your friend

Adolescents are facing all types of problems today. few of these problems are the feeling of overweight or too thin. These feeling may lead them to spend time wishing that they were not overweight or too thin. When they realize they do not like the image of themselves, adolescents may have self-esteem issues and sometimes depression. They also perceive others, particularly schoolmates, to view them negatively. In our society parents should learn better way of communicating to adolescents, listen to them and accept the adolescents for who they are in other to help them loving themselves. In the video Kelly talks about Oxytocin which is a neuro/stress-hormone that encourage us to do things that reinforce close relationships. She says oxytocin makes us desire corporal contact with our friends and family. In my opinion, parents possess more of these hormones to help their adolescents. That is why I say in the beginning that parents need to better their communication skills to help adolescents rid of self-esteem issues. Kelly mentions that” our anxiety response needs to make sure we notice when someone else in our life is stressed so that we can be caring for each other. When life is problematic, our stress response wants us to be bounded with people who care about us. Caring formed resilience. “I mostly see resilience as tight to an individual’s belief, because in my opinion we can not love or help even our family members whole heartedly without believing in the lover of all things which is God. For instance, I have friends who are Jehovah’s witnesses that are trying to help me even when they themselves facing hardship in their own lives. I firmly believe that it is when we learn and teach our adolescents to appreciate the divine instructions that the connection with others under stress is possible then we can create resilience. Kelly states that “Stress gives us access to our hearts. The compassionate heart that finds joy and meaning in connecting with others.” I love this statement. However, in my opinion religious beliefs must be considered as a possible explanation of compassion. In page 378 of the book the author states “religious involvement causes adolescents to be less likely take part of risk behavior, therefore, become compassionate” (Arnett) to conclude, self-esteem, too fat and depression issues can be resolve if we teach our adolescents to view stress as their friend, that is in my opinion teach them to love God, love themselves so they may strive for high standard of morality and love.

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