How long did it take you to write your speech

How long did it take you to write your speech? I can’t be sure, but it’s most likely that the majority waited until last week or so. Including myself.

Procrastination is applicable to every person in this room; whether you’re on top of your to-do lists or not, it’s something that we’ve all experienced. And, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Believe it or not, it can have some positive effects.

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Unfortunately, the word “procrastination” is more often or not associated with people who are too lazy to start their work. There’s almost a stigma surrounding it. However, I disagree, as I myself am not a slacker when it comes to getting work done on time. People who do procrastinate are only choosing to go about their lives in an alternative way: living day-by-day, which can make them happy.

Now, it could be said that procrastination reduces stress. Why? Let’s say I plan my entire week out, setting three tasks for Monday and five for Tuesday. It’s as if I don’t have time to breathe, only because there’s not an even distribution of tasks per day. Say if I take a task off of Tuesday, and change it for Monday instead. I then have an even amount of tasks to do, and it just makes life a little more manageable. Putting off a task is not the end of the world like so many of us make it out to be.

Many people claim that they “suffer” from procrastination, whereas what they’re feeling is guilt. Guilt because we are under the misconception that procrastination is bad. Guilt, because the more tasks you put off, the less practical it is to do so, and suddenly you have an entire list of things you need to do before the next day. But it shouldn’t be a moral obligation to get everything done at once. All of this stress and anxiety? It’s just not a healthy mindset.

Another benefit is that we can avoid tedious tasks just for a moment longer. When we’re faced with an unappealing task, we tend to not do it, regardless if there’s a deadline.


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