House is a place where I feel comfortable and confident

House is a place where I feel comfortable and confident. The place where you feel relaxed and have no worries about the world. My house is situated in Gulberg, relatively a quiet area. Outside look of my house is ravishing. The boundary wall tiles are rough and dark grey in color. After entering into the house there is a courtyard, huge enough to park two cars. Also there is a small garden. In spring season the fragrance of flowers spread around the house. There are total 6 rooms, one kitchen, one living room, one dining room and a store. My house is light and airy. There are huge windows, the natural light fills the whole house. Interior decoration of the house is managed by my mother and brother’s wife. The decoration pieces include paintings and flower pots. There is a bed, chair and a table in every room, so the room doesn’t look empty. My house has a lot of memories and I have a sweet family to share the house with. Indeed, there is no place like my house.


I'm Delia!

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