Health is an integral part of human well-being

Health is an integral part of human well-being. An unhealthy person is often considered good for nothing because his body is incapable of performing certain tasks , not only body performance but a person is also considered unhealthy if he is mentally unstable.
Health is considered as a positive state of well-being, not just a lack of disease. WHO defines Health as- “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease”. We may relate it to describe mental health as complete well-being of mind and qualitative living. Mental health may refer to a sound mental condition or a state of psychological well-being or freedom from mental disorders. Our mind regulates all our activities, our entire thought process takes place in mind, ideas originate in mind and all kinds of instructions are delivered from mind which guide, shape and regulate communication, conduct and behaviour and determine personal and social functioning as well as adjustment. People in a state of emotional, physical and social well-being fulfil life responsibilities, function effectively in daily life and are satisfied with themselves and their interpersonal relationships.
We make a lot of adjustments in our daily life. Some of them are not that worthy of attention but some adjustments often have consequences which affect our entire life. For instance , studying while living away from home, or marrying or seeking a divorce are some of the notable adjustments that you may have to make in life and these kind of adjustments directly affect your psychological instinct and mental state of mind. Hence state of Mental health determines our well-being and builds our ability to respond and adjust to various conditions.
A healthy mind is confident about oneself and his/her self-respect, comfortable with surroundings, one accepts one’s plus points and minus points, is loving and caring, knows adjusting well and feels right towards others and develops a sense of trust. A healthy mind is as well curious and optimistic, grabs opportunities and work for a better future and is productive. It won’t be wrong to say that a healthy mind is the need of the hour and for a developing country like India a healthy youth is major necessity.
A person can be mentally unfit because of many reasons which may be genetic, congenital or other psychological or physiological reasons developed due to surrounding environment. A person can be mentally normal at younger stages but as he grows stress may lead to improper health. Sometimes consumption of drugs and alcohol beyond limits also affects the mental health of youth. This could be a probable reason why a greater emphasis is given on “dry day” and few days are recognized as days against consumption of alcohol and drugs. In fact, illicit trafficking of drugs is a major issue of global concern. Apart from stress, sometimes it’s the environment we live in that promotes it. In fact majority of college going students and beginners at workplaces are a victim of these issues. As a responsible citizen and a healthy mind one should try to avoid these situations and cope with stressful situations more maturely, instead of being a loser one should keep hold of right frame of mental health and fight against all odds.
Adjustment means modification to compensate for or meet special condition. Adjustment is the outcome of one’s efforts to deal with situations and meet his needs.
Potential Areas of an individual’s adjustment are:
1. Health and physical development
2. Finance, living conditions and employment
3. Social and recreational activities
4. Courtship, sex and marriage
5. Social psychological relations
6. Personal psychological relations
7. Moral and religious
8. Home and family
9. Future-vocational and educational
10.Adjustment to school and college work
11.Curriculum and teaching
Any difficulty in above areas relating to adjustment are called adjustment disorders. Adjustment disorder can occur in both children and adults. Adjustment disorders are group of symptoms one faces when he is having difficulty coping stressful situations. Some take help of alcohol and drugs and affect their mental health, some cope up with them, some get emotional outbursts, and some lose their temper. There are 6 types of adjustment disorders each with distinct sign and symptoms. Stressful situation could be anything like death of loved one, breakups, heartbreaks or being fired from job. These disorders are treated with disciplined life including Yoga, Channelizing energy through workout, therapy, medication or combinations.
1.Adjustment disorder with depressed mood
2. Adjustment disorder with anxiety
3.Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mod
4.Adjustment disorder with disturbance of conduct
5.Adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct
6.Adjustment disorders unspecified

It is we who are actually responsible for our physical as well as mental health. It depends on us whether we seek support or what type of support we access to manage our emotional and physical stress. Understanding why we feel the way we do can help us to learn how to manage our everyday life. Mental health is an integral part of normal development in terms of –
1. Core identity, values, and beliefs
2. Ability to cope with intense emotions
3. Personality style and way of relating with others
4. Successful functioning of school, work or home
5. Enjoyment of and sense of purpose in life
6. Respect for self and others
7. Healthy expression of one’s feeling and thoughts
8. Acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions and roles
Also if we learn to adjust ourselves in any kind of situations, it actually gives us happiness because we are focusing on the positive aspects of something and not looking on the problems and inadequacy associated with it. A self-adjusting person does not have to face difficulties in coping with new environment and different kinds of people which most of us do face when we shift from our safe zone to a completely different environment, for example, getting into a marriage or going for studies away from our home. So adjustment and mental health are the key aspects for a peaceful and happy life because unless you don’t have a peaceful mind , you cant enjoy anything else in this world because may be your brain is present with you physically but your mind is stuck somewhere else.

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