He is being treated as if he is part of this junk

He is being treated as if he is part of this junk. The darkness represents dread and disgust of the realization that he will no longer be able to work and provide financially for his family. At first he is prideful, but as the reality of his situation sets in, he is no longer happy. “Motionless staring into the darkness he felt great pride… he had been able to provide such a life for his parents and sister…the comfort, the contentment were now to end in horror?” As Gregor watches his family from his room the darkness epitomizes his further sinking into his depths of solitude and isolation. “Towards evening the living-room door, which he used to watch intently for an hour or two beforehand, was always thrown open, so that lying in the darkness of his room, invisible to the family, he could see them all at the lamp-lit table and listen to their talk.” (36) He was no longer seen by his family. The light that shines on them is getting dimmer. As time went on his hope dwindles if when there is no light there is no hope. He has accustomed himself to the dark. “Gregor reconciled himself… to the shutting of the door…he had disregarded it entirely and lain in the darkest corner of this room, quite unnoticed by the family…on one occasion…the door…stayed ajar…and the lamp was lit.” (42) The longer he was left in the darkness the more the cruelness of his family’s alienation became ordinary. The darkness symbolizes his soul dyeing, his mind reconciling to his just existing. “Shut that door now, Grete and he was left again in darkness.” (39) He is further isolated at night when his room goes dark. He has very little light cast through the window. “The electric lights in the street cast a pale sheen on the ceiling and the upper surfaces of the furniture, but down where he lay it was dark” (18) The amount of light or dark within his room reflects how he feels about how those around him now view him. Is he still himself but in a different form? He is losing his


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