Have you ever thought about where you prefer to live in

Have you ever thought about where you prefer to live in, a small town or a big city? It has been long a controversial issue for many years among people that living in a small town world or in a metropolitan big area is more preferable. Someone else’s characteristics are affected by their surroundings or environment that they have experienced. However, it is obvious that people’s life changes according to where they live. It means living in small town life and a big city life affect people’s life. Similarly, their differences create differences in people’s life. It can be considered these differences between small town world and big city life in terms of coming across familiar people, catching up people who are different from one another, and food.
The first difference between a small town life and a big city life is that it is more likely to come across familiar people known as neighbors in small town than in a big city. For instance, when a car accident occurs in a small town, the probability that one of the acquaintances is the driver is pretty high. It is because, perhaps, everyone knows one another in small town. So, people would be easier to clear up the problems when it comes to car accidents or some major incidents than in a big city. However, in a big city, they don’t know anyone living nearby them. They don’t even know who are living in their same apartment. It means people living in a big city do not communicate with neighborhoods that much. According to a report from Brianna Wiest(2016), “Not only do you naturally associate with the same groups of people simply out of proximity, you get to know the people you interact with each day and you can also become friends with your baristas and hair dressers and the people you always see at your favorite bar on Friday night” (p.1).
The second difference is that people have a different lifestyle between a small town and a big city. People residing in a small town are similar life style because they don’t have many things to do. Maybe, most people in a small town do the same or similar things in a daily life. It also links to the peace and relax in their life.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, the slower, more relaxed pace of small towns can be a welcome change of pace.

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