Have you ever argued with your parents

Have you ever argued with your parents? Have you ever empathized with your siblings or cousins ??when they are in tough times? A person will most likely answer “yes” to at least one of these questions. Positive relationships with family members can boost overall well-being and cause many memorable moments, while negative relations with family members can lead to anxiety, separation and even physical or verbal fights. May-Lee Chai, author of the short story “Saving Deaf”, makes social commentary about family relationships in her work. Nea, who changes from being self-centered, uncompromising and overly anxious to being understanding, to be aware of the fact that family members.
It is important to point out that it is so important that it ignores the fact that it is commonplace and that it is fueled by her inflexible dreams that place her sister’s sole companion. However, Chai still adds to this perception of a relationship that is one of the most important aspects of family relationships. May-Lee Chai characterizes the uneasiness of being self-centered and inflexible with dreams regarding family can lead to unexpected consequences.
Nea is definitely overprotective of Deaf, and she comes out with an understanding. After giving back to a magic snake, she writes: “But I have no magic powers. None whatsoever “. Nea is able to understand that she can not quickly make her way to “save” her sister. In fact, she learns that overprotective actions like this can negatively affect her. May-Lee Chai direct readers of her short story to be overprotective of family members unless they are in real trouble, as she argues that negative effects can result from being overprotect


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