Greetings David

Greetings David, Just read your recent blog “Let’s talk about sin.” You are right on target. Well written. This is so basic for the church. By the way, I have been reading (devotionally and thus quite slowly) John Stott’s wonderful book The Cross of Christ,for the last ten months or more. It is a magnificent work, written in 1986. It was perhaps the No. 2 book selection of that year by Christianity Today, just missing the top book of the year. It is a rich, theological work on why Christ died and what all transpired when He did. Stott is so well-grounded in Scripture and theology but is able to write clearly. You would love it and find it spiritually enriching if you haven’t already. Steve has mentioned you have done a review of my book and that it will run in the next issue of Good News. Thanks so much, David, for doing that. I am eager to see it and am indebted to you for taking the time to do that. Blessings on you in your ministry there at United, David. I am thankful for you and your faithfulness to Christ. Your brother in Christ, Jim Heidinger


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