Globalisation refers to the development and change of politics

Globalisation refers to the development and change of politics, economics and society and it often appears in the industry or trade field. Furthermore, it has enabled people to work worldwide. As a result, over 86 million people are working in other countries from where they were educated and about 32 million workers are from developing countries according to the International Labour Office (Mennella, H. Heering, H. 2016). On the other hand, globalisation has affected on the nursing field as well. The history of Globalisation in health began from the establishment of the World Health Organisation (WHO) (Ergin, E. Akin, B. 2017). WHO made rules and regulations in international public health and promoted the cooperation of each country. The movement influenced nursing the education and global workforce in the positive and negative ways. This essay aims to analyse a trend of globalisation in nursing and consider a solution for the perceived issues.


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