Geographical attributes of a state bring it both

Geographical attributes of a state bring it both, some opportunities to avail and some risks to evade. Pakistan availed the opportunities from its geography but could escape the risks it posed. When a state learns how to exploit its geography to the best of its political and strategic interests the study which comes in shape is called geostrategic and geopolitics. Pakistan’s geography where brought the country countless material benefits there its unwise exploitation also invited the chaos in the region. Being the gateway to Central Asia and a suitable route of access of World Powers into land-locked Afghanistan, the geography of Pakistan suffered from the side effects of the ‘New Great Game’ and the ‘Global War on Terrorism’. But things are in transformation today. The Northern border with China where gets ready to bring billion dollars investment in the wake of CPEC there the Western border with Afghanistan is seeking TAPI Gas Pipeline. Similarly, the South Western boundary with Iran will sooner or later be flexible for Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline. Pakistan’s newly functional port of Gwadar and the strategic importance it has concerning its proximity to the Gulf States are some new aspects of Pakistan’s geographical importance. We shall evaluate all these aspects in this article after going through a brief description of country’s geography.


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