Genetically modified food is a subject matter that most people do not know about or if they know something are not clear

Genetically modified food is a subject matter that most people do not know about or if they know something are not clear. There are concerns about the handling of information of GMF, health problems, and the environment. Genetically modified food is not safe for people and there should be more research about it because genetically modified food is a dubitable science. It is normal consuming food that has been injected to grow? GMF is a scientific method to manipulate the DNA of an organism making it stronger to herbicides, rain, and time (“What Exactly Is a GMO? How Do You Make One?”, 2018) Genetic engineers can also add minerals and vitamins to food. Everybody is amazed with all science is making possible nowadays in a short period, but everything has repercussions and people should look at the effects of this science in long term. In 1994 The first GMO products arrived at the market as tomatoes approved by the FDA; by that time, it was ineffective because people could not see the alteration of DNA in food with good eyes.
“We are what we eat” This is a popular saying that people have said and have heard, but they do not know what they are eating, and they should. The vague research about GMF is alarming because people are consuming modified food unknowing even what that means. It is not usual seeing a segment in the news where experts are providing information to the viewers to inform them about what is happening with the food, nor the radio, nor the newspaper, nor social media. People might see the labels on the products at the market, and even so the GMF is not well explained in all its context. Some of the modified foods that are available in the market include eggplant, soybean, bananas, potatoes, cotton, tomatoes, canola, corn, strawberries, lettuce, cantaloupe, carrots etc. (Bawa & Anilakumar, 2018) People have no option they are eating GMF either way even if they buy groceries that says “NON-GMO” because for example, corn is a vegetable that almost all food contains, and it is modified. They have the right to know what they are eating because all that people are consuming is related to their health.
It is not normal nor safe consuming modified food. Nowadays people put oranges on the counter of their kitchen and they will be intact two weeks later, those fruits will have the same color and the same aspect. GMF is affecting the process of rotting and that sounds good because GMF can make food last longer; but if GMF is making the food resistant to bacteria what happens when people eat GMF? Are the herbicides affecting people? All that people consume effects their health and there is a believe that if GMF is manipulating the DNA food to make them stronger against bacteria, those foods can cause diseases which could be immune to certain medicaments such as antibiotics (Bawa & Anilakumar, 2018). Besides, those modified foods are a new science and there is no much information about the long-term effects in human beings. In 2011 Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxins was discovered in humans (“GMO Timeline – A History of Genetically Modified Foods”, 2018). Bt is a bacterium that is used by farmers as a pesticide to kill insects. It can be sprayed on crops or it can be added in the DNA of food. “This pesticide is used in The United States on potatoes, cotton, corn and other foods. The danger of this toxin is so destructive that it kills insects by making their stomach explode”. This is dangerous for humans because Bt has been founded on their organs and it might be a toxic effect on them (“What is the Bt Toxin?”, 2018). Bt can be also founded in juice, ice cream and green-tea, and there are studies that indicate GMF are digested more slowly when they contain Bt which compromised the digestive process because it is interfering on it (“What is the Bt Toxin?”, 2018). Bt is only one among all the dangerous pesticides that are used to crops and it is not only harming people’s health but the environment.
Clearly not only human beings are being affected by the methods used to create GMF, the environment is also being affected and it is preoccupant because we only have one Earth to live in. Pesticides are killing insects to preserve the crops, so the farmers can sell them in good shape, but insects are necessary to maintain the alimentary chain. “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” That is one of the famous sayings the scientist Albert Einstein have said. An animal that appears to be insignificant play an important role on our environment and they are being killed in mass without measure. The process of politization might be altered and GMF is responsible about this issue (“What is the Bt Toxin?”, 2018) Beside the insects, the water pollution has increased since GMF were introduced due to the use of pesticides which also had raised 15 times since this science arrived (“GMO FAQ”, 2018) The environment is suffering the modification that science is practicing with it and human beings are seeing the effects.
The concern that Earth has more people than it can sustain is disturbing and is understandable that government and companies are trying to cover the demand of food that people need. GMF allow people to have food in large quantities and it would not be any preoccupation to cover that necessity, but the way they are doing it is suspicious and unfair. Suspicious because they are hiding information behind GMF, and unfair because people are not acknowledged about it. There are many issues going on behind GMF that clearly are causing more problems than helping.
The lack of research on products that are already on the market for people’s consuming will have a high cost in the environment and eventually in people’s health.


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