“Gap year ” Time off has been quite popular option among young people

“Gap year ”

Time off has been quite popular option among young people; it is a break after high school. Therefore some students use this time in many activities, such as travelling around the world, volunteering or starting a new job. The idea behind these activities is to discover something new and to obtain an experience. Moreover, a year off benefits are plentiful, for instance, travelling alone will develop their self-confidence and independence. On a cultural level, students learn about different traditions and perspectives, they gain an idea about the work environment and how to think as an employee this will help them to find their future career. Intellectually students examine their own beliefs in this new environment. Indeed, taking a year off advantages combine to make a strong case to take a gap.

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Nonetheless, in conjunction with the dangers involved in taking a gap year, therefore the main drawback is that students may get sidetracked from their studies and may lose the sense of discipline they had before. In addition to, if students started working they could be deluded thinking that they will make enough money; therefore they will lose the chance to earn a higher income.

In my point of view taking a gap year has many advantages as well as disadvantages and it really depends on the student and the environment surrounding him. Accordingly some students gain many benefits from taking a year break and will improve their progress, meanwhile for others it may slow them down and they may forget their academic work. Hence it may vary for different students

In conclusion, taking a gap year should be planed for; students must consider their motivations carefully and determine what is most desirable. In addition to, they must consider that time is a valuable resource and treat it with respect. (300)

“Men and women equality”

Men and women should be accepted equally in every subject at universities. In fact, gender issues importance has increased throughout the centuries, in almost every sphere of human activity. Moreover, there has been a movement towards greater equality between them and universities should open their doors to all students alike. However, number of men and women require not to be set on a fixed limit of the acceptance in each subject. Therefore, the views are psychological and personal.

Psychologically, men and women are different, although they have the same potential for greatness, for instance, women tend to be more intuitive and caring, thus they may feel dragged, consequently on the basis of their personalities and professions. In such a context, universities should choose the best candidates, without considering the gender. Furthermore, students need to discover their inner call, which is an individual matter and not affected by reserving seats for men or women. For example, if a great number of women avoid some subjects, it may be affected by their nurture, which has formed them. Moreover, universities cannot reverse this trend, and they have to consistently look for the best-qualified possible applicant.

In my point of view, equality cannot be forced on people, not in their family life nor their educational. Therefore universities should choose the people that prove themselves capable of qualification, regardless of their gender. Moreover, I expect that universities need to respect the independent and logical choices being wielded by the students.

In conclusion, universities should always look for the most qualified candidates and not consider whether it was a men or women but look into the most qualified of them, furthermore they must always consider and respect the students choices and help them discover their true call. (291)


At the moment, in modern world computers is a fundamental part of the daily life. Around the globe, children are used to computers from a very young age, although it is imperative for children to participate in various well-balanced activities. As a matter of fact, children that use computer daily are improving a vital skill for aftertime success. My view bases are personal, academic, and professional. From my point of view, computers are helpful resource to youths in exploring the world around them; children that work on the Internet to satisfy curiosity about diverse topics become self-reliant learners. Furthermore, by starting a bit previous in their lives, children feel totally comfortable around computers.

From an academic point of view, children have to adept this technological invention. To illustrate, universities students use their laptops to take notes, exchange information, write assignments, create presentation, and developed database. Equivalently, children habit an early confidence in these abilities, is at a recognizable advantage over those who don’t. Furthermore, from a professional aspect, computer has found a long-lasting place in the workplace. Presently, employers pay to afford computer training. Moreover, after time corporations count on considered job applicants to these demanding job skills. Therefore, parents that inspire their children to use the computer for an acceptable period of time, establish in the child’s future career.

From my viewpoint, using computers from a young age will benefit the children, as it helps students in different perspectives. Moreover, it is an essential part in everyday life, learning how to use it will make every thing easier to children.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the computers, as a technological tool will stay, the more and sooner children become computer-literate, the better it is for my aspects of their future life. (294)


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