Formal centertopBusiness Computing Formal Report 76500Business Computing Formal Report 2200017094203000030175207060056600centerbottomBUS 5550AM 5101 765000BUS 5550AM 5101 Prepared by Soakai Vea Author Note Soakai Vea

centertopBusiness Computing
Formal Report
76500Business Computing
Formal Report
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765000BUS 5550AM 5101

Prepared by
Soakai Vea
Author Note
Soakai Vea, Department of Business, Tupou Tertiary Institute.

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This research was kindly supported by funding from IT Environment & Business. Correspondence according to this article should be addressed to Soakai Vea, Department of Business, Tupou Tertiary Institute, Fasi moe Afi, Tongatapu.

Contact: [email protected] of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc524514785 h 2Ethical & Legal Compliance Requirements PAGEREF _Toc524514786 h 3Risk Management PAGEREF _Toc524514787 h 4Conclusion. PAGEREF _Toc524514788 h 6References PAGEREF _Toc524514789 h 7Appendix PAGEREF _Toc524514790 h 8
IntroductionIn this report I would describe studies of Business Computing varies diverse privacy principle concentrating on Ethical & Legal Compliance Requirements and Risk Management of Computer intention. I would be focused on the twelve privacy principles of information with it terms of definitions and risk with recovery management of using the computer.

Keywords: Ethical-and-Legal-Compliance-Requirements, Risk-Management (R-M)
Ethical & Legal Compliance RequirementsPrinciple 1: Purpose of Collection of Personal Information concern of the personal information must be legal and lawful in collection with links to a function of the agency collecting the information with is it necessary for that purpose of collecting information. For example, a staff of an immigration on someone applying for a visitor’s visa must have to look at the documents required that it is legal and lawful.

Principle 5: Storage and Security of personal information concern of an agency have to make sure that the information is safe and protecting it from loss, waste, or illegal discovery. For example, a financial staffs of the bank who keep the information of the bank have to look after the information to be safe and protecting the information so it cannot be loss or misuse.Principle 10: Limits on use of personal information concern of obtaining personal information for one purpose of collecting personal information not using it for another. For example: A staff member in education who collect personal information of student for study visa application to study overseas can only use the personal information for purpose of study but not use it for any other purpose.
Unethical Use of Computer by employees of the company.

Cyber Bullying: usually looks like offensive emails or text messages containing jokes or inappropriate wording towards a specific race, nationality, or about sexual preference. In these cases, the words uttered have a direct effect on the target of the bullying act through threatening email being sent to the target anonymously or not. It might include a response that is copied and pasted for the whole office to see. CITATION Ste16 l 1033 (Mints, 2016)Financial theft and fraud: this manner happen when staff steal the financial information which can get them to entrance to bank account and other financial bases that didn’t belong to them which is they hacking the account in computer or stole password. CITATION Deb16 l 1033 (Soltesz, 2016)Inappropriate Computer Use: this is when employee in the company custom the company computer for a wrong time and use it for wrong reason. “Employees sometimes use company email to spread inappropriate websites or videos to co-workers, some of which could be deemed offensive by the recipients” CITATION jos16 l 1033 (joseph, 2016)Risk Management1Security Risk: Internet, Computer Access, Hardware, Software.

Internet: Stealing bank account online, they use internet to hack your password for your account like sending you some information that they find online so that we can interested on it and they ask for us to enter our credit card and access to it but when you did it you realize that your account has been loss and hacked.

Computer access: Trojan horse program security risk, Trojan horse programs this is a program use by stalker or intruders to fake us by letting us to install it and when we finally finish install it easier for them to infect computer with a computer virus or they will change your system configuration.

Hardware: Power Faults, these happen when you write a report (data) and the power turn off but you haven’t save the data the data will be lost because it still writing but not yet saving to the disk.
Software: Virus, software contain virus. These programs intend to destroy or corrupt data in your computer that is the risk.

Managing Risk
Internet- Firewall: this program can prevent your computer form being hacked by hackers to steal your bank account or any other information about you.

Computer access- Password: always set a password for those who want access your account to give you information or a program to install that you might interest.

Hardware- Uninterruptable power supply, “use an uninterruptable power supply for when there is a sudden power out or any power faults, the uninterruptable power supply provides you with a battery that helps in maintaining the power supply to keep computer running”. CITATION Mar l 5129 (Kadansky, 2014)Software- Antivirus: this is a program that protects your computer from any virus harmful. You can install this program into your computer to prevent your computer from virus.

Recovery Strategies
Bank account stealing: when you finally realize that your bank account has been hacked you have to reported it immediately to the police to investigate it and also report it to the bank stop online transferring through your account so that they can work together with the police to track down the thief.

Password, if your password isn’t strong enough to prevent those program from installing and you still received it you may have to go to the “IT” department to set or show you another way to strengthen your password from those program that has been sent to you
If this power supply did not work you can go to IT department to show you a way of how to save battery if the power suddenly off.

If the antivirus in your computer did not work well to scan virus, you can update the latest version of the virus used to scan and fix your computer.

Conclusion. I strongly believe by informing ethical and legal compliance requirements to studies as to workers and employees will somehow extend their perception on labor in terms of privacy principles of personal information intentionally and unintentionally breach and unethical use of computer in concluding with risk management mentioning security risk with the tools and recovering procedures to perform giving a hint to the staffs how to manage those risk if it might come down the way.

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Privacy Principle of Information
Principle Title
Principle 1 Purpose of Collection of Personal Information
Principle 2 Source of Personal Information
Principle 3 Collection of Information
Principle 4 Manner of Collection of Personal Information
Principle 5 Storage and Security of Personal Information
Principle 6 Access to Personal Information
Principle 7 Correction of Personal Information
Principle 8 Accuracy of Personal Information before use
Principle 9 Personal Information not to kept Longer necessary
Principle 10 Limits on Use of Personal Information
Principle 11 Limits on Disclosure of Personal Information
Principle 12 Unique Identifiers


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