Everyone in this world must have their own favourite food

Everyone in this world must have their own favourite food. So, do I. My favourite dish is kuih Lopis. I love this dish because it reminds me of my mother everytime I eat it. My mother always made this kuih for me when I was young. Ever since that I always wanted her to make it for me when I back home.

Kuih lopis is a traditional kuih especially for Malaysians. The greatest variety of kuih is made by the malay community,followed by Chinese with some combination coming from Indian and others. This kuih has existed since descending desert and it is a legacy of the malays people.

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The main reason I love this kuih lopis is because of their sweetness. It is rich in taste but a pleasure to have it as my daily meal. The ingredients of kuih lopis is basically made from glutinous rice cooked in pandan. That includes soaking the glutinous rice for three hours,shaping it in a triangle in a banana leaf and then boiling it. It is usually served with fresh slightly salted coconut shavings and thick brown sugar syrup.

In conclusion, food is something that essentials in our live because we need food to stay alive and sometimes it could remind me the person I love everytime I eat it.


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