Everyone has been ostracized at one point in their life

Everyone has been ostracized at one point in their life. Whether it be a time-out from your parents or a silent treatment from your friends, ostracism is a social phenomenon that occurs everywhere, even among animals. But unlike solitude, ostracism includes all instances where a human feels ignored and excluded, even if it is as simple as not receiving eye contact from a stranger. Sunset. It pours out its brilliant broiling oranges and reds like lava into the clouds. Wispy clouds. The clouds blush at the touch of the sun’s warm rays. The canvas is painted from orange, to red, to pale pink, to midnight blue, to obsidian black. Threads of light linger in the sky. Calmness flows through the chilly air that begins to settle in, rustling the branches of bare trees that rip holes in the clouds. And finally, all that is left of the ashen mauve sky melts away, melts away to reveal the relief of darkness, the parting of the clouds, the flashing silver stars– scenes that take your pain away.


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