Every Single one of us has a place which brings back good memories

Every Single one of us has a place which brings back good memories, the symbol of wellness, and it revokes the memories related to the objects, person, things, music and colour. We call this place “Home”. This place is kept in our mind as an ideal one, even though if it not so perfect. Home is a kind of fortress to us, our freedom and deeds. The word home combines different concepts. For me, home is a culture, religion, the place where you live, neighbours, friends, relatives and environment. Home is a place where we feel secure, free and in the state of physical well being. This place is often associated with our parents, siblings, and our comfort. However, the students who are living away from their homes do suffer a lot from this psychological sickness and they feel homesick and start the meaning of word “Home”.

Home is considered to be a place, which is related to the childhood memories, the place where you were bought up, favorite toys and traditions. Sometimes it happens with International Students while in the middle of the University day they have an unrestrained desire or an urge to go home. So when they close their eyes they see unforgettable masterpieces – a cozy bedroom, a kitchen, a living room or a soft carpet under their feet. It is considered as best memories. This place brings back the warm memories about the time we had spent in that place and family holidays. Even sometimes music and flavors can bring back the memory of home. These are some things which any person may miss when he/she is away from his/her home for educational reasons. But in order to find an opportunity international students leave their home, families and friends.

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