Every nation has certain laws which influence the social existence of individuals

Every nation has certain laws which influence the social existence of individuals. These sets of laws are often perceived as unfair by most of the populace. Nonetheless, a large portion of the people has limited access to information concerning this law, to enable them to compare the laws in other countries. Which in turn might open their eyes to the sensational misguided judgments about these laws. The guardianship law is perceived as the most misunderstood amongst other laws in Saudi Arabia because of its stands on women rights, as the strictest aspect of the laws is women’s rights. however, the guardianship laws originate from Saudi Arabia. The effect these prohibitive laws have on a women capacity to seek after a profession or settle on life choices differs and is reliant on the positive attitude of her guardian. Now and again, men utilize the power that the male guardianship framework awards them to coerce female from exerting their human rights. This paper will explore the many challenges Saudi women face in the society because of the male guardianship law which restricts women’s right to choose, movement, health care, education etc. the paper will also attempt to as well as the elucidate whether the Saudi Arabia guardianship law justly mirrors the Islamic law or depends on its own distinct laws that sees the rights of women differently.


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