ENTRY MODE Direct selling is one of the best entry mode that should be used for CaptiVoice

Direct selling is one of the best entry mode that should be used for CaptiVoice. As we know, direct sales is the oldest distribution channel and it offers high levels of consumer protection as well as raising entrepreneurial levels for direct sellers. There are many ways that can be used in selling direct sales products. CaptiVoice can be offered with a free trial. It can be one of the most effective strategies for successful direct sales and our client can enable customers to get a chance to try their product before they purchasing it. Social media is also one of the effective strategies that can help to increase the product sales. In this era, social media is known as one of the best ways to communicate and connect with others. It is also a great tool for businesses to engage in direct sales. Besides using social media, our client can also create a feedback or fan page for customers to express their reviews, comments and opinions about CaptiVoice. With this page, our client can know the customer’s perception of CaptiVoice and can improve the weaknesses of the product. By using social media, our clients can promote customer events, sales or promotions so that targeted customers will not miss the latest updates on their products.
CaptiVoice has their distinctive features and advantages over other existing products in the market. By selecting direct sales as entry mode, our client can create strong customer relationships, establish coordination with other business strategies, able to control the cost and price of the product and get access to more users. For strong customer relationships, direct sales can provide the ability to build and manage the company’s personal relationships with its customers. This will indirectly involve more personal, meaningful and unforgettable memorization as direct sales enable the company to have the opportunity to engage in various interactions with target customers. Loyalty to business’s brand can also be created. This is because strong customer relationships can help to turn a casual buyer into a loyal, long-term customer.
For establish coordination with other business strategies, our client can gain the ability to coordinate their sales interactions with their production and marketing strategies by using a direct sales model that controls its sales force. In addition, our client can ensure sales representatives interact directly with customers using similar marketing language and marketing presentations. This helps reinforce marketing messages with customers. Our client can use feedback from direct sales interactions to evaluate the effectiveness of their other marketing campaigns and tailor their product development to the benefit of customers at the same time.
Next. cost and price control are among the key aspects of selling products. Generally, businesses that use a direct selling model have significant control over their prices and distributions. Consequently, businesses have greater capability to verify that their products compete with competitive prices over other products. It is also ensures that individuals representing their products or services are knowledgeable and effective. In addition, businesses that use direct sales models are less dependent on retail services. If the business relies fully on the retailer, this will indirectly increase the cost of marketing the product. According to one of the research published about direct sales which is “Management Science,” this aspect of the model can give a small business a stronger position in negotiations with retailers, enabling potential companies to gain more profit from their products. In addition, it also involves the possibility of establishing and conducting business with low cost and low risk entry point. A powerful retail store or online website may demand a slotting payment to place a product on the list or claim the company paying heavy advertising.
Last, our client can get access to more consumer by direct sales. Direct sales campaigns provide business access to users who may not be able to access it. It is undeniable that not all customers will receive or respond to media advertising campaigns. Similarly, some customers may not shop at a retail store that sells business products. A direct sales model is one of the best way to get these customers directly and start selling. In some cases, businesses leverage existing social relationships in direct sales campaigns. In this situation, sales force is encouraged to sell mainly to their friends and family. It is important to note that some customers are put off by this approach, so it should be followed by a sensitivity level.


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