Elshanone Alcindor Adolph is Thomas English 150 4/30/18 1984 George Orwell 1984 by George Orwell is a fictional story that illustrates how a dystopian government suppressed the freedom of each individual

Elshanone Alcindor
Adolph is Thomas
English 150
1984 George Orwell
1984 by George Orwell is a fictional story that illustrates how a dystopian government suppressed the freedom of each individual. The toleration government uses their power to control it, citizen. They brainwashed the citizens and make them believe that what they want them to believe. The people are being watched every day by big brother and if they get caught breaking the laws they will face severe punishment which can lead them to death. The individuals there don’t have the freedom to speak up their mind.

Envision living in a dystopian society where everything that you do are being watched and controls by the government. Anything that you do against the government can be punishable by being tortured to death. In those type of society, there’s no independence, no personal idea or thought. 1984 by George Orwell talked about a totalitarian society that occurred in Oceana. The citizen was being controlled by the government and being watched every day by Big Brother where they couldn’t do anything. If they had to do something against the laws such as having an affair or eating the food that only the inner party supposed to eat. It also talked about freedom, fear, dystopian, privacy, and love. In Oceana, privacy and freedom wasn’t something that they were allowed to have, some people like their own privacy but the citizen didn’t have any freedom or privacy just like Winston and Julia who had an affair and wanted their own privacy because Winston had a wife and Julia was a part of the inner party. The inner party is for certain people which could mean it for the rich one or the one in power.

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The legislature was strict toward them that they are continually being observed each day. Winston couldn’t have their adoration illicit relationship calmly on the grounds that Enormous sibling is continually watching they needed to meet each other in mystery or talked while they act as they don’t have any acquaintance with each other. They can’t meet each other in a place for more than once that is the reason Julian expressed that “it generally safe to use any hide-out twice but not for a month or two of course.” (Orwell 126) This statement discloses that they must be mindful so as not to get captured when they having their illicit relationship since it will cause them their life.

The brainwashed them to make them believe that everything that happens in the society is in their own right, for example, they tell them that “War is Peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is a strength.” (Orwell 16) they tell them that war will bring them peace while it not because there’s no peace in Oceana because a country with no freedom cannot have peace. By weakening their strength and independence of public minds, and forcing them to live in a persistent condition of publicity instigated fear, the Gathering constrained the general population to acknowledge anything, regardless of if that was completely unreasonable. It shows that they don’t have a freedom of speech even if some of them don’t believe what the government says they wouldn’t care.

According to this article Lies, Damned Lies and Literature: George Orwell and ”The Truth”. Illustrate how the idea of truth and lies basically through a discourse of 1984. The author worries about new types of political lying give a stage to a definite investigation of Orwell’s portrayal of the battle between the individual and the state over the idea of reality and truth. It relates to 1984 because it talked about power and the truth that the citizen in Oceana couldn’t have this part stated that “Nineteen Eighty-Four shows the consequences of the destruction of civil society and the rule of law, but it does not tell us in detail how these things happened.”( Stephen 738) it implies how in 1984 the society had to follow all the rules and not to break the rules or else they will pay the consequences which will not be good for them because it will cost them their lives.

The government is watching is something that most national is frightened away. They alarm at whatever point the see enormous sibling show up in the telescreen in light of the fact that they know they will get in a bad position once they accomplish something that against the tenets. Huge sibling resembles an observation camera that watches each move that the native make their eyes are behind or before them. It was difficult to live in this sort of society that is the reason this article “They are watching you”. (cover story) by Draper, Robert discussed the strict observation they had in London that could identify with 1984. The creator expressed that it was much the same as in 1984because they couldn’t perpetrate wrongdoing as a result of the observation camera that watched them consistently which was awkward for them to make due in this sort of nation. This statement from the article that champion “reconnaissance by the state is intrusive, it’s capable, it’s fit for network past individuals’ most stunning creative energies” implying that it extremely capable that it never really rest notwithstanding when it resident are dozing.
They always have a telescreen around them meaning that they don’t have any freedom to do anything since is stated that freedom is slavery which is an irony because slavery is when a leader is controlling you while freedom is when you are free to do whatever you want. They say that to the society because they know they are in slavery and they don’t have any freedom that could help them to be free or have any privacy they always wanted. They are living a fearful life that it not easy to escape unless they’re brave like Julia because she doesn’t follow any rules she breaks them as long as she doesn’t get caught. She doesn’t care about any rules that the government has she just ignore it because of she part of the inner party. For the citizen, freedom is something that only the inner party have because only them are allowed to eat real food that is why Julia provide Winston real food because he is the man that she’s hardly in love with. This quote “let me show you what I bought” (Orwell 140). Which is she telling him that he bought a lot thing that he’s not supposed to have but if he had the freedom he would’ve had access to the good thing?
This article “Surfing the Surveillance Wave: Online Privacy, Freedom of Expression and the Threat of National Security”. By Tortell, David M Relate to 1984 because of privacy and freedom was the main focus that the individual In Oceana needed because they have any right to give their own personal experience. Having in a dystopian country is something that will take a long time to accomplish because they think their rules is the good one. They use their power to make the citizen follow the rules. A quote that could say relate to what the citizens wanted is that “life, liberty and security of the person” meaning they wanted to live the life they wanted without telling what to do or brainwashed also they wanted to have liberty on things they wanted to do.

Every person in a general public expected to have the opportunity, however, the people driving by internal part experience considerable difficulties to pick up their own particular flexibility. opportunity s what gives people ideal to have self-assurance, it allows them to settle on their own decision of life, for instance, their future is as of now choose by the administration it as of now choose even before they were conceived in light of the fact that their own destiny is chosen by their folks. In the event that they needed a vocation, they cannot pick since they don’t have any freedom to state their want. Leaving in a tragic family resembles a slave that need to take after their proprietor and continue sitting tight for a day for them to have freedom and at any rate some security. In the event that they have protection they can love or date whoever they went yet they don’t have security since they need to go on cover up to go on date or meeting each other in light of the fact that on the off chance that they get captured they will be rebuff to death .Ignorance the genuine state of the majority, is gainful for the legislature, as it would keep the general population idealistic, upbeat, and fulfilled at their parcel. Their numbness offers quality to the Gathering. In any case, in the event that they see the truth of how they are controlled, at that point it would incite them to revolt – to take the energy of the Gathering into their own particular hands. since the inner party individuals trust that on the off chance that they national discovered reality they will conflict with them which they not going to be cheerful about, if the entire nation conflicts with them, they won’t have enough quality to prevent them from hurting them in light of the fact that on the off chance that they discovered what they used to accept is a lie. That is why the state that ignorance is the strength because they are being ignorant to the people around them that want freedom and privacy.

The lack of privacy and freedom will influence them to do things that they weren’t permitted to do. they will attempt to encounter once they figure possess how to defy the norms without getting captured they will do the things that they weren’t permitted to do feel that it was ideal to do. that why they are mentally conditioned them not to do the merchandise stuff in light of the fact that exclusive the inward party permit to encounter the great things since they are the one that controls and leads everything around the nation, so they have more power than any subject so they need to take the laws that they make. Infringing upon such a law will cause you hurt because resisting your pioneer resembles needing to be slaughtered by giving your own life to the individual in control.


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