Donor funding may come in different forms

Donor funding may come in different forms; some are in monetary form, technical assistance, capacity building, and collaborations. These assistances are given to government agencies in the educational sector to supplement the effort of the government of Ghana. Developing country like Ghana cannot meet all her financial obligation toward the provision of equitable, quality and accessible education system for the citizenry
The united states government support Ghana’s education sector through their development agency USAID. USAID/Ghana’s Education Development Objective is “Improved Reading Performance in Primary School.” By 2020, the agency projection is to improve reading proficiency for at least 2.8 million Ghanaian children upon primary school completion through the Ghana Partnership for Education Project.
The USAID Partnership for Education Project activities are designed to contribute directly to the Ghana Country Development and Cooperation Strategy, under which the mission goal is: “Ghana’s Transition Towards Established Middle Income Status Accelerated.” Under this program, the USAID has outline some intermediate objectives in the Education Development.
1) Enhanced Reading and Math Instruction,
2) Strengthened Basic Education Management Systems and, a common result across the entire mission portfolio,
3) Increased Government Accountability and Transparency. Our project approach emphasizes implementing basic education resources through the Government of Ghana systems, implementing partners, development partners, and local solutions.
previously, the USAID had supported a community program that recruits and trains volunteers to teach in short-staffed rural schools. In 2013, USAID contributed to the country’s overall increase in primary school completion from 93 percent to 98 percent. Additionally, the US government has provided scholarships to support the education of 7,000 girls, including 300 children with special learning needs. USAID in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service, have increased English language skills. The agency has also aided school construction and rehabilitation in 48 districts across Ghana.


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