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Japanese Culture
I have chosen to write my culturally sensitive paper on the Japanese culture. Most Japanese people inhabit the island of Japan. It is a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Asia. It consists of 6,900 islands (GPI, 2017) and has a population of approximately 128 million people (Worldometers, 2018). Japanese is the native language and there are different 3 alphabets in this language. The Japan belief system stems from Buddhism and Shinto. The Japanese have a high regard for family and their culture is rich with art, dance and cuisine.
Early Japanese traditions were influenced by China. This is because China wasn’t far from Japan and the Japanese didn’t have much contact with other cultures outside of the islands. In the 1800s this changed, and the Japanese culture opened its doors to the world. Today the western world does have some influence on Japanese lifestyle but never the less Japan holds true to its own culture. The Japanese culture is strict with a deep belief for harmony. Social relationships are important and at times can be black and white. They are taught to be polite vs being direct or honest. Anyone who steers from this way of thinking is seen has being selfish and an outcast of Japanese tradition.
The Japanese also hold a high regard for family. In Japanese culture when a woman is pregnant, she will receive a badge from the doctor until she is “showing”. This badge is to let the rest of the community know that the woman is pregnant. Pregnant women have many benefits in the community of Japan. One of them being that if they are riding the public bus, they have priority to seats (Japan Info). Pregnant Japanese women are considered very fragile during pregnancy.

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Their families often do everything to care for the pregnant woman until she delivers.


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