Democracy VS Dictatorship There are basically two types of government

Democracy VS Dictatorship
There are basically two types of government, Democracy and Dictatorship. I will be comparing two powerful countries, one under a dictatorship, and another in a democracy. The two countries will be Australia and North Korea.
Democracy originated in Athens, Greece, 400 B.C. Democracy is made up of two words, Demos (meaning People) and Kratos (meaning Power). Democracy basically means ‘people power’. There are three kinds of Democracy: 1. Direct Democracy – Where people vote directly in decision. 2. Indirect Democracy – Where people elect a representative. 3. Elite Democracy – Where the rich make the decision
In Australia, we have an indirect Democracy. We vote for someone to represent us in the court of law. Even though we’re not in the Senate or in the House of Representatives, the power is in the people’s hands. We have rights to all sorts of things. Equality (equal pay, equal rights, equal everything), rights to people with disabilities, the freedom of speech, the right to vote, the right to justice, to name a few. Heck, even the newspapers are free to print anything and criticise the government!
Another good thing about Democracy is the process of making a law.

Dictatorship originated in Rome, 509 BC. Back then, a Dictator was appointed by a consul, which is weird compared to modern Dictatorship. The most common reasons why a Dictator would be appointed were: 1. Rei Gerundae Causa (for the matter to be done) to hold a military command against a specific enemy. 2. Comitiorum Habendorum Causa for holding elections when the consuls were unable to do so. 3. Ludorum Faciendorum Causa to hold the Ludi Romani, or ‘Roman Games’.
In the present, there’s also three types of Dictatorship: 1. Autocracy – Where supreme power (both social and political) is in the hands of one person. 2. Authoritarian Oligarchy – The power is in the hands of a small group of people. 3. Absolute Democracy – Unlimited majority rule, opposite with capitalism and freedom
In a modern Dictatorship the leader rules ALL. They seize the power by force, and the people have to accept them unwillingly. The ruler controls everything, and citizens don’t get a say in what they do.
The citizens in North Korea are different. They are okay with their leader, a man named Kim Jong Un, because they see him as an all-powerful GOD. Their food is small, their welfare affected, that guy kills people who even tries to stand up against him and still they see him as a HERO. Why?! That’s because they don’t know.
Thanks to their country being so secluded and secretive, the citizens have been brainwashed to see him as the good guy, to worship the ground he walks on. The local TV programs reinforces that idea, displaying no foreign shows, so no one knows what the world thinks of him. But not everyone is happy with Mr All-High-and-Mighty. Those who try to protest against him, try to convince North Koreans that he is the bad guy, or simply try to escape the country, are all brutally punished or even killed.

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