Cyber Bullying Synopsis This video is about cyberbullying

Cyber Bullying
This video is about cyberbullying. The location of the whole video is filmed in a college and hostel. The main character of our video was a solitude girl who named Dinah. She was a girl who did not like to talk more and always want to be alone. She was a sensitive girl too. She cares about what people criticise her. One day, Dinah has been mock and criticise the Facebook by a video which uploaded by the gangster team. The gangster team has been bullied her for a long time. They like to make fun of people without having any sympathy. Dinah felt so depressed when she saw the video. People around here do not lend a hand to help Dinah but to criticise her and talk bad behind her. Some of the people also have sent the messages which curse her to death. After that, she cannot accept those comments by others and she ran back to her hostel. Last, Dinah could not hold back her pressure anymore and decided to commit suicide in her room.

Cyberbullying is an aggressive, intentional act carried out by a group or individual, using electronic forms of contact, repeatedly and overtime against a victim who cannot easily defend him or her. It also defined as bullying someone thought mass media and internet for example through e-mail, newsletter, chat room and social networking sites. According to the research, there are many factors which can lead people to cyberbullies such as social atmosphere, school education (teacher), family education (parents), peers and personal personality traits. The development of personality and the influence of peers are the main factors that cause cyberbullying. The main characters who will be subjected to cyberbullying are the children and teens by people or strangers. In nowadays, people always getting to intimidate or harass by others. There are also many types of cyberbullying such as harassment, denigration, impersonation, outing and trickery, exclusion and isolate. Cyberbullying can cause depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-abuse. Cyberbullying can tell from texting ways, for example by making fun of the way one looks and saying one should die.

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Purpose and audience
The purpose of this video is to reduce the cases of cyberbullying. This video wanted to give awareness to the people. It is to avoid people to be one of the victims of cyberbullying. Therefore, we tell people to use mass media wisely. Nowadays, people always use media in the wrong way.
This video will be uploaded to YouTube. Our target audience is basically emotional people, teenagers, students and the audiences who inter-connected… This video is to show that how people use mass media wrongly. They should care about people feeling before doing something that hurt someone’s reputation. People in that situation represented how cruel in this world.

Theoretical application

Learning progress
(Meeting 1)

We had our group meeting on July 17th, 2018 at blockQ301. We had decided to use the topic of cyberbullying for this assignment. It’s because nowadays the cases of cyberbullying are still increasing and have become a serious issue. The reason why we decided to take cyberbullying for our title is to let people be more aware to the cyberbullying cases and take action to eliminate or at least prevent more of the incident happening.
After that, we continue to discuss the storylines, our group members have shared a different opinion about the storylines. While we discussed the last scene of our story, we had two different ways to end our story, one of them was the main character commit suicide at the end and the others option was the main character self-abuse. Our group was wrangle on this two ending scene because some of the group members suggested ending with suicide, some of them suggested to end with self-abuse. Lastly, we have chosen the majority vote which was ended the scene with the main character commits suicide.

(Meeting 2) 06-08-2018
We had our group meeting on August 6th, 2018 at DK6. We had discussed the time to film the last scene of shooting for this assignment. We decided to film our last scene at one of our members’ hostel room. In this meeting, our group leader has discussed with the members about the report which had been settled last week. The group leader distributed the jobs which are DOP, director, art director, scriptwriter and editor position to her members. The group members accepted what decision that made by the leader and started their works and finished it at the particular time. Low Jin Wei was positioned to be the director of photography; Cheng Shin Wei was positioned to be the director of this assignment. For Ng Yon Ai, Her positions in art director and post-production, and the other hand Dinah has chosen to become a scriptwriter. Lastly, Rachell Fung Yi Ying has become the editor of this video.

For our assignment, we choose to film in our college to make the video feel more realistic. It is because Cyberbullying happens most of the time on campus. We also faced the challenge which is the lack of locations on the campus. We have been found in the classroom to shoot for our scene but there is no much room for us.
When we trying to shoot, the others candidates come for their classes too. We have no choices but to leave the spot immediately to make sure that we did not disturb the others. We have been changing the classroom for the shooting four times. We also faced the challenges of the condition of weather. Some of the actors almost slipped when the floor was slippery. They have to walk carefully to avoid themselves fall to the ground.

Art Director
The art director has an important role in the video or film. They are the people who in charge in the visual metaphors, locations, costumes, hairstyle and makeup toward the script. An art director should have good creative to help the director or producer and also good management to settle all the problems. Moreover, the art director has to make sure everything that had placed together can create the mood contrast features.
Therefore, art director also needs to set up all the cast setting and clear the setting after screening and make sure everything at the location is back to the original.


After shooting all the scenes, we have arranged all the scenes accordingly and edited them. We use a mobile phone to record all the audio, so we have to edit and fix all the audio through premier pro with the visual and edit the video. Moreover, after the combination and editing, we used (Sony Vegas) to fill up the subtitles.

Besides, all members are cooperative to carry out the progress. All of us became the actors to shoot this video and we did the editing together. In this video, we used mandarin to perform in this video so we need to translate all the language into English which is English subtitles.

Director of Photography
Our group director of photography is Low Jin Wei. Director of photography also called as cinematography. It also played an important role in the group to produce the video. Besides, the director of photography is a position that to set up the visual look of the video. She or he will be using many types of the techniques or equipment to shoot the video. For example, he or she has to make sure the exposure, lighting, shot selection, camera operation, and other elements. Not only that, DOP also has to cooperate with others department such as art directors to ensure that the characters of each scene will not look different. Therefore, DOP have to confirm all the scenes in the script to make sure that each scene will be taken and will be produced as well.

The editor is the person who handles the editing of the video. Editing has an indispensable position in every film and video. As an important part of the video, it has emerged in the development of the movie and gradually improved. At the same time, the progress of editing art has greatly influenced and promoted the improvement and development of the movie. The function of movie editing can be summed up in one sentence: accurate, reasonable, rich and montage of editing, can enhance the artistic expression and appeal of the movie.

In this video, I was using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This software can easily to combine the sound and the video that we record. We using the smartphone recorder to record the voice and using the DSLR camera to shoot the video. After that, we combine the audio and video through Premiere Pro. And also edit the volume of the audio because some of the volume audio is too whisper so we need to increase the volume by using the Premiere Pro software. We also use this software to edit some of the sound effect and background music, not only that we use the fade in and fade out the technique on some of the scene.

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