Continuous improvement in a management context means a never-ending effort to expose and eliminate root causes of problems

Continuous improvement in a management context means a never-ending effort to expose and eliminate root causes of problems. Usually, it involves many incremental or small-step improvements rather than one overwhelming innovation. Continuous improvement is a philosophy and permeating culture, which seeks to improve all factors related to the transformation process (converting inputs into outputs) on an ongoing basis. It involves everyone, management and labor, in finding and eliminating waste in machinery, labor, materials and production methods.

There is a model for the companies to work with the continuous improvement, which is called the DEMING CICLE, also known as PDCA.
It is included the:
5 elements at CI
1. Team work
2. Personal discipline
3. Improved morale (employees)
4. Quality circle – group of workers who meet to discuss workplace efficiency + generate ideas
5. Suggestions for improvement

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1. Data driven
2. Definition: Developed by Motorola and adopted by GE (Gen Eletric)
3. Statistical measure of variation used to quantify the umber of defects per million opportunities (DPNO)
4. Used in marketing sales, customer service, manufacturing
5. Methodology focuses on identifying, understanding and managing various customers expectations and requirements
6. Data collection and analysis
DMAIC is a six sigma method used to improve on exiting process
? D – Define current process and objectives
? M – Measure important aspects and collect data
? A – analyses the date to verify causes and defects
? I – improve the process based on findings
? C – control the process to ensure no defects exist
– Clarification of rule & expectations
– Communication devices and processes to be used
– Mentoring, coaching and bubby system
– Monitoring operations and level of customer service
– Performance plans, training and development activities
– Reward and recognition programs
Benchmarking – comparison of organization in order to create new standards or improve process
– Internal – within your organization
– Competitive – with your competitors
– Functional – with your sector or industry
– Generic – with other sector or industries
Sustainability requirements
– Purchase green products that are led damaging to the environment
– Encourage efficiency of water, electricity and paper usage
– Motivate staff and encourage commitment
– Recycle – office products such as computers
– Reduce – buy less use less
– Reuse – paper
– Recover – use materials from one project for another


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