Congratulations! Your journey through primary school is now complete and you have achieved a significant milestone. We have been privileged to see how much you have grown over the years, socially and academically. Looking back at photographs of you in Prep or even from the start of the year we often say, “I can’t believe they were so little!” We are very proud of you and have always believed that you could achieve anything that you put your mind to.
It is now a time of mixed emotions for you as this chapter of your life is closing and another exciting chapter awaits. You may feel sad as you will be saying goodbye to some of your close friends who are not attending the same high school as you. You may feel nostalgic as you look back at your time at Coolnwynpin State School and have fond memories of sports carnivals, lunch time activities, camps, special days, discos or past classes and teachers. You may feel excitement as there will be new adventures ahead. This is now a time of celebration with your graduation ceremony, end of year concert, Awards Day and holidays.
Thank you for allowing us to share this time with you, to hear your laughter, your dreams and watch you accept challenges and find success.


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