Chronette What superhero power would you like to have

What superhero power would you like to have? This is one of the common questions we’ve all heard about especially during fast talks. Many of us answered superpowers we’ve seen in movies or read in comics. There are many choices of superpowers we’ve want to acquire. Some of us want to have those powers like the superheroes in Marvel or DC movies, some in anime or cartoons. We’ll probably pick the power of invisibility, flight, super-strength, telekinesis, telepathy or even teleportation. Some of us pick the power to control or make the elemental powers like earth, water, wind, fire and ice. Probably, some pick a super power different from the last time or a rare super power, like a combination of one or two. If I could have a fantastic power what would it be? Maybe, I can chose having all of the supremacy at my possession?
Yes, why not? But having all those superpowers can really do me any good at all? I’ve come to think this; super powers are great not until the world finds out. Having power comes with great responsibility. As for my case, I am a homebody, what if there’s someone who calls me but I am too lazy to get out of the house? Boom! All of the gifts will be useless! So, what super power will be very beneficial for me and to others that I wouldn’t even need to use frequently? I chose the power of Doctor Strange or Thanos with the time stone- the power to control time. Time is very crucial and as a student, time management is a big issue. With this ability, I would be able to stop, prolong, fast forward and reverse time whenever I want to. I would be able to do such things like, changing past decisions and making it better for better result. Acquiring control of time would have me power over any circumstances.
But as I’ve said earlier, having this superpower can do me any good? It can, indeed! In order for me to utilize this skill properly I would make use of this in a beneficial way both for me and others. I would use it to make my life easier. Like, in making projects and my schedule is so hectic then most of the time procrastination hits me, I could slow down the time for me to have a longer time in doing so and also to have a lot of time for me to chill. I am also a clumsy person, so If I stumble myself all I would have to do go back in time when I am still in a good shape. I would also use my superpower to stop time and think longer and clearer. To have the capability to stop time would give me the ability to mull over the probable result of my verdict. It could also allow me to choose the best option to have better decision in making things I wouldn’t regret.
Of course, I would not let myself to take advantage of this power alone. I will use this power to help others, only for those incidents where I am present or be able to witness because I will keep this power private and only for me to know. Incidents like, unwanted accidents, unexpected events and malevolent situations that can be avoided by my power to reverse and take control of time, at least I can save lives. My power would be also valuable for my family and love ones in situations like going back to the time that my diseased relatives were still alive and making more special memories with them.
The ability to control time is such a great superpower I would want to have. However, as what I’ve said earlier, having great power comes with great responsibility, with these responsibilities even though my power will be a secret to the society, my mind will make its own thinking of saving and helping people specially in my case that I do have a soft heart and with these associates the very hard consequence- I wouldn’t be able to have a normal life which is a very big deal for me. Everyone likes to have a peaceful and normal life, who wouldn’t? Still, if all of these happen, I am ready to take charge of the responsibilities, which I think would be all worthy. With this marvellous superpower I will be called Chronette from the Greek word ‘chronos’ means time.


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