Christopher Columbus is a very well known explorer who apparently made one of the biggest discoveries in History

Christopher Columbus is a very well known explorer who apparently made one of the biggest discoveries in History, The United States. He is well known all across the world but in reality there is nothing he discovered . The land he found was already lived on and he did nothing but steal and claim it along with thousands of Native American lives. Columbus Day should not be celebrated because it does not shed light on the truth or celebrate the true pioneers on American soil. In my opinion Columbus Day is just a day to remember when Christopher Columbus claimed land from the Natives and took ownership.
The natives had already settled in The New World years before Christopher Columbus “discovered it “in 1942 . Christopher Columbus just stole inhabited land and worked the Natives to death without appreciating them or giving them any credit. Columbus also brought diseases to the Americas.These diseases spread death and illness to the Native Americans . Instead of honoring and thanking them he killed even more Natives with these diseases he was bringing into The New World . In my opinion i think there should be a day to honor the Native Americans and all they did to help out with The New World. Thousands of Natives had to die in the process , 90% of the population was killed and they need to be remembered instead of a man who just claimed land and ruined innocent lives.Some United States cities such as Berkley California have realized that Columbus does not deserve to be given credit and Columbus Day is now being called Indigenous Peoples Day. Christopher Columbus has also been unsuccessful on many of his other quests therefore proving that he had nothing else going for him expect for a phony discovery . Firstly he thought he predicted that the earth was round but he was about 2,000 years too late because the Ancient Greeks had already made that discovery , He just used his 2000 year late discovery to cover up trespassing on Native soil and making already inhibited land seem like it was his discovery . Instead of using his findings to confirm that the earth was round to further prove the theory , Christopher Columbus decided to take advantage of the land.
In my opinion Christopher Columbus did nothing significant enough to have a day named after him . There are many amazing explorers who have actually made discoveries and did not do harm in the process and they deserve a day over Christopher Columbus .In conclusion I believe that Columbus Day should not be celebrated because it is all based on a lie that Christopher Columbus had discovered America when he did not make any discoveries or step foot on any of the 50 states . Instead of Celebrating the day in honor of Columbus the day should be used to honor and respect the Natives who had made The New World their home years before Columbus intruded .


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