CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Being late is one of the issues that have been a problem of a Senior High School student

Background of the Study
Being late is one of the issues that have been a problem of a Senior High School student. In the circumstances, tardiness remains uncontrolled. First, students with greater tardiness perform worse on academic subjects as well as grades. Second, students whose classmates are tardy more frequently also have lower test scores. One of the major causes of lateness is going to bed late because it could result in waking up late and insufficient rest for the lesson on the next day. (Nakpodia and Dafiaghor, 2011).
Tardiness has its cause and effect and some of it are common problems encountered by any school world wide. Although this will now depend on the culture of the country, thus having varying reasons how tardiness will be viewed upon. Different cultures have different standards concerning lateness. However, punctuality is not really a serious matter for some cultures, compared with how punctuality is being perceived in western cultures and developed countries (Breeze et al., 2010).
Tardiness can be also triggered by several psychological and emotional conditions. These conditions can undermine students’ motivation to get to class on time. Indeed, a hallmark symptom of conditions such as depression includes a decreased motivation to engage in normal daily activities. In addition, prescription medications can interfere with motivation and may disrupt sleep patterns, which may indirectly affect students’ ability to get to class in a timely manner (Kuhlenschmidt and Layne, 1999).
Lack of responsibility has long been linked to tardiness with the student. The school has implemented the confiscation of identification device or ID if the student is late, focusing on the improvement of the students to alleviate tardiness.
Saint Paul School of Professional Studies has specific policies concerning student tardiness. Students sometimes have legitimate reasons for showing up late, such as transportation problems and doctor’s appointments. School administrators often consider such events to be “excused absences.” However, after reaching a predetermined number of unexcused tardy arrivals, students may be put on a structured disciplinary slip to address any further late arrivals. Depending on their continued violations, students may be sent to Students Affairs Office to give sanctions?community service or even suspension.
These sanctions implemented by the school are for the students who reached the maximum number of tardy arrivals. The said implementation aims to improve students’ behaviors.
The researcher will be conducting this study for the purpose of understanding students that exhibits tardy behaviors. The researchers also looks forward to possible continued study on this topic aiming for an action plan that will address these certain behaviors presented by the students.
Significance of the Study
The researcher anticipates conducting the study in benefit of the following stakeholders;
• Students. The students will have a deeper understanding about the behavior and factors that leads to tardiness which can be used as a guide to avoid this certain issue.
• Parents. Being on time to school is preparation for the world outside of school. When parents focus on punctuality, students learn that not coming to a meeting or event on time is disrespectful of other people’s time and that they miss out on important information. (Ford, 2011). With this study, parents can instill to the students that being tardy is not a good attribute and will cause the students to miss out vital information.
• School Officials. It is substantial for officials, administrators and instructors as essential part of this problem to recognize and display solutions to this disturbing problem that could drive the students’ drop-out, knowing that lateness could be reduced by providing available clear and firm attendance guidelines for students; free education counseling and discipline among students and monitor factors that could be responsible to prevent students from attending class regularly.
• Future Researchers. The future researchers will be able to use the study for further investigation about the behaviors leading to tardiness which will eventually help them fully understand this study.


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