Bullies need to be help responsible for their actions

Bullies need to be help responsible for their actions. As many as 3.2 million students get bullied every year. Bulling sometimes leads to suicide or harsh abuse and bullies don’t need to worry about getting in trouble. Well, they need to be help responsible for these actions because they are the ones causing it. If they didn’t bully these students then suicide rates would go down. This needs to be a more seen conflict.
Bullying not only causes conflicting at the moment, it has many long-term effects. Kids don’t easily outgrow the pain of bullying. According to a new study, people bullied as kids are less mentally healthy as adults. Previous studies have found that both bullies and their victims are at higher risk for mental health problems and other struggles in childhood. One study found that bullies were at a higher risk of substance abuse, depression, anxiety and hostility than non-bullies. Also, for bully victims, being targeted can result in increased suicide risk, depression, poor school performance and low self-esteem.


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