Blanca Cardenas Professor Rodrigues ENGL-1301-55001 15 June 2018 The Benefits of Dallas Community Colleges The Dallas County Community College District was created in 1965

Blanca Cardenas
Professor Rodrigues
15 June 2018
The Benefits of Dallas Community Colleges
The Dallas County Community College District was created in 1965, it was done to create more opportunities for the minority families that couldn’t afford for a 4-year university yet still wanted a degree, a year later the first campus was open, which is known as El Centro. Community college provides over 50 programs and degrees to go beyond in one’s education and gain more knowledge about their career choice. El Centro and the rest of the campuses around the Dallas county are supportive for all ages of people to continue with college and realize how challenging yet possible for someone to complete 2-years of college and receive their Associates. Plus, the community college does not only accept students of any age but also accept international students who desire to learn from the different cultures, gain more opportunities and advantages, which the seven main campuses provide for. The benefits of the Dallas Community College include smaller class sizes, the different locations that can help with transportation, which dart passes are available to the college students and staff for all the campuses, and transferrable credits from the community college to a 4-year university; although this is already a lot compared to other campuses there is still more, the Dallas County Community College District provides many positive benefits that help students to complete some college years without any problems because the community is determined for students to feel the courage to continue with college and not give up so easily.
The Dallas County Community College has seven main campuses around the county and in more depth around the main campuses there are smaller campuses which also help people and student to enjoy the closer location for their own benefit, or if the students or staff would like even much smaller size classes. The classes at a community college are extremely much smaller than a 4-year university, in the advantage of that is there’s a bigger chance for the professor to recognize you and help on a one-on-one conversation, unlike bigger campuses. Research has supported that smaller classes are more beneficial to students than larger classes, for instances data has proven that in larger classes the first generation African-Americans and Latinos feel discouraged to attendant classes since professor wouldn’t even know who is there and who is not with such a big class, which is the opposite of what colleges wish to do. Plus, between the years of 2008 to 2012 the class sizes have increased with a 12 percentage, which limits the students’ opportunity to understand fully as to asking questions or clearing a confusion and the interaction with the professor is very limited or maybe even impossible. However, at community colleges the class rate might increase as well but it is not comparable to university classes, even with 30 students in a class at a community college is still possible for professor to recognize every student and spend time when needed; at least its more positive than having a class with maybe the least of 100 students depending on the course. The multiple campuses that are available from Dallas County Community College District provide the advantages that bigger colleges cannot give since they are not small campuses.
The community college campuses are the same yet different because not all the campuses have the same tools to help a student especially the smaller campuses, but that does not stop the staff and people from the college to stop from teaching and helping the students, even so, the campuses are all connected together with the technology and systems that have been improved and created for students to have an easier access to campuses. For instances, the dart passes that are provided for the students for free, it helps students to get to school for those who don’t have vehicles. The dart passes are appreciated since the student can get dart services both on a bus and/or train, students will not have to worry about being late to class or worrying about parking since dart buses and trains directly leave students at the front door of the campuses. In even more beneficial, dart goes all around the Dallas county so there’s available transportation to every community college campus, from Addison to Plano and the University Park. The most trouble with parking would be downtown since there’s a lot of businesses around the campus, so student will need to compete for parking and when he or she finds parking the minimum that is around the campus is 5 dollars, but the range of parking is between 8, if it’s before 8 in the morning, to 15 dollars a day. The Dallas County Community College District provides the free dart passes to students since they have already paid for classes and for books, together that is a lot of money that goes into education, so the community college provides transportation for students who don’t need to stress about wasting money for gas and parking. The dart passes are just one of the many things the community college district provides for students, and also the location is another positive thing about the college, since the Dallas County Community College District is connected as one thing but separated for everyone from every corner of Dallas is available to attend a campus around Dallas. The community college created many campuses available to provide to possible reality of achieving an Associates and campuses are provided for a closer distance to home, to work, or to the children’s school, whatever; the community college does not want the excuses of the campus being too far for someone to not get their degree. Plus, with the free dart passes it supports the idea even more, so students can go and come back as they pleased to get their degree.
Community colleges main advantage was the cheaper tuition which helps many students to actually even let them go to college because at universities the amount of tuition can increase up 5 times at a community college. As research has been done, it has shown that here in Texas students have an advantage of deciding to go to an out of district community college or in district, and the tuition changes depending if its out or inside the district, most students who cannot afford for too much of an expensive tuition, so they decide to go to community college in-district. Tuition in a 4-year university can be thousands of dollars per semester while in community college can be up a few hundred dollars depending on how many classes, plus in the Dallas County Community College District, if the person is older than 65 years old, can enroll to up to 6 credit courses per semester at no cost. Financial aid is also provided for students to apply for it, so the government can help pay for the college’s tuition in case the students cannot pay for it. Either way, the cheap tuition for community college is a gain to students who want to get a degree but does not want or cannot spend a lot for tuition, even so, the community college gives a chance to students to not give up and stop to get their education just because it seems impossible.
The community college has an advantage for students to transfer from the community college to a 4-year university. From the very beginning of enrolling to a community college, there are degree plans that a student can decide depending if one will continue to a 4-year university, wants to become a teacher, or if one is preparing for a specific career. The community college is prepared for students to transfer to a 4-year university and continue to receive more education, because receiving an associate degree is a great accomplishment more than other people have done or will ever do, but when there’s an opportunity to get more, then that it is even better, and will be a great disappointment to lose it. In the community college, a list has been prepared of universities that accept credits from a community college which includes a list of what credits that can be accepted or not. Also, scholarships are available to help students with tuition, books, or other necessaries for the college life and expenses. Not only can students transfer to a university from a community college but also can reverse transfer, so by chance he/she didn’t complete their associates and they are at a 4-year university, then the student can come back to the community college to finish while not wasting so much money at a university to complete it. In the end, the community college provides many opportunities for the students to advance and continue with their education to achieve into something more than what they are now coming to the community college. Opportunities should not be ignored and overlooked just because of simple things, the community college helps students prepare to not fear a university, although community college and a university are different but the progress and the goal to receive a degree is the same, which counts.
In conclusion, the Dallas County Community College District has multiple benefits and supportive options for students to continue receiving education to achieve for an Associates degree. The community college got rid of all the excuses that be created to not at least try to get a degree, with the multiple campuses and different locations, by providing free public transportation, smaller classes so one can interact more with the professor, and finally the possibility of transferring to a 4-year university with credits from the community college. The colleges make the reality look like dream with all the opportunities it creates for everyone and anyone to receive a degree, the DCCCD stops making people think that college is impossible for them because it is not, by trying and working hard anything is possible plus there are many tools at the campuses that help student overlook at all the problems and not to feel alone, the DCCCD has many campuses but is one district. ?
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