Bird watching tour in Nepal is the best place for the ornithologist

Bird watching tour in Nepal is the best place for the ornithologist. Recently we able to recorded 887 bird species in Nepal. Though the country seems small in terra firma it has all kinds of habitat lakes, temperate subtropical forests, coniferous and Himalayan habitats. We Nepal trekking trails offer you many possibilities to spend your bird watching tour holiday, wherever you want to travel in Nepal. Nepal is logically beauty and very rich in Nature, culture with Flora & Fauna. Especially the Koshi Tappu Reserve is the best place for the wetland bird; you can observe many varieties of waterbird species and wild animal. We have a really amazing landscape of wildlife research centre which are the popular places like Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Bardia National park and many other parks.
Bird watching tour is slowly urbanized into a well-liked target for birdwatchers. Nepal has its own National bird called as ‘Danphe’ Himalayan Monal “Lophophorus impejanus” and many rare endemic birds species like ‘Spiny Babbler’ which makes great enthusiasm for the birders. This country is the best Paradise in the earth as every year in winter or either in summer many migratory birds arrive in Nepal from Siberia, China and the upper Himalayan part to low land Terai in Nepal and some of them are very rare globally threatened Birds
Bird watching in Kathmandu valley is also the most popular birding spots. Places like Bagmati Riverbank, Godavari, Phulchowki, Taudaha, Shivapuri and Nagarjun hill etc are the popular places for bird watching in Kathmandu valley. We Nepal trekking trails love to start and promote these places as bird watching tour in Nepal. The tour is called Kathmandu Valley bird watching tour. Approximately “10% of the world’s total bird’s varieties” are available in this gorge and among them, roughly 500 different types of bird species are found in Kathmandu valley. Nepal is the well-accepted place to see the different varieties of bird. Everyone will be fascinated by seeing the varieties of the bird along with other beauty of this country.


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