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Besides of that, perceived usefulness is also known as performance expectancy (Venkatesh, 2003; Morris, 2003; Davis, 2003), this is based on the theory of expectancy which considers the function of belief in decision making (Porter and Lawler, 1968). For example, as innovation is considered to be a high effectiveness when one particular adopter believes that there is a direct relationship between the use, on the one hand, performance, productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction, on the other (Lu and Yu, 2003). Even though there are many related to mobile services, services such as new changes, stocks or banking can also stimulate how users perform tasks. In addition, the features that exist for mobile services, such as their personalized and ubiquitous nature, their portability, and their context awareness potential may contribute to the use of mobile services in a ways they have not seen before (Rao and Troshani, 2007). Aderonke and Charles (2010) also point out that people tend to use the applications because they believe the facility will enhance their performance. According to Amin et al., (2008) this perceived usefulness is closely intertwined with the productivity. The suggestion of using a workplace computer will improve work performance, improve user productivity, increase work efficiency and become valuable in the work. Cheong and Park (2005) also found that there was a positive relationship between perceived usefulness and online purchases. Moreover, Laurn and Lin (2005) also noted that perceived usefulness was able to influence the development of early readiness to use mobile banking. These studies, proved a significant impact on perceived usefulness in clarifying individual reactions to information technology. Therefore, it is expected that the reason why people use mobile banking it is because they find it useful in their lives. On this basis, the following hypotheses are proposed:


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