Before taking this class

Before taking this class, I didn’t know anything about Rome or the Pantheon. After reading about Rome and the Pantheon, I see a picture and noticed the building right away. There are a lot of buildings, mostly in the East Coast that are structured like the Pantheon. It was considered a temple that was made from concrete and bricks and has eight pillars, made from stone, in the front that holds the top that is shaped like a triangle. The color of the outside was marble and bronze. The back part was in the shape of a dome, the part that has the high ceiling and consists of 5000 tons of concrete. Inside the dome, it was painted blue and gold to resemble the vault of heaven and has a 30-foot-wide eye that brings in light and air, sometimes rain (Fiero 79). It was where everyone gathered and socialized. The architecture was made by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. Back then, the color of the building was brown and not painted on the outside, but now the color of the buildings is mostly white. The Pantheon now is a church in Rome, but the original Pantheon burned down. The Supreme Court and the University of Virginia are examples of building that are built with the Pantheon style. The next time I see the word Pantheon, I will think of the Supreme Court building. I think it’s cool to know where architectures of today’s world got their work and ideas from. Surprisingly, it didn’t make the “world’s architectural icon” (Ranogajec, 2015), which I think it should have since so many people were inspired by it based on all the building that are styled like it today.
Analysis and Interpretation
The Pantheon was built in the early second century (Fiero 79). The Roman architecture, Marcus Agrippa, was in the military with Augustus and he built the Patheon to honor their win at the Battle of Actium (Ranogajec, 2015). During the time of AD 118 and 128, emperor Hadrian rebuilt the Pantheon after catching fire and changed almost the whole structure (Pantheon, 2018). When it come to the Pantheon, there are different but can be related stories about how it was built and why. “The Pantheon is remarkable for its size, its construction, and its design. Until modern times, the dome was the largest built, measuring about 142 feet in diameter and rising to a height of 71feet above its base” (Pantheon, 2018). When it come to the architecture in Rome in general, it is different from other countries because of their “mankind buildings” (How Roman architecture influenced modern architecture, n.d.) and the discover and use of concrete. Because of concrete, the world has roads, sidewalks, buildings, etc. The Pantheon is the most influential building of Rome because it was a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome (Roman Pantheon, 2003). The Pantheon is still in place today and is the most populated building to see for tourist. There are a couple things that are different, like the ground level is different now then it was back then and the triangle has nothing written on it.
Historical Era
The Pantheon belongs in the Roman era. Buildings built during this time became an influence everywhere. “Columns, domes and arches have found their way to important buildings across the world” (How Roman architecture influenced modern architecture, n.d.). Before the Roman era, I saw a lot of sculptures, paintings, and music and not a lot about architecture and buildings. After the Pantheon was built, people started using that style to build buildings. After the Pantheon was built, there was the Maison Carree, the Great Bath, and the Arch of Titus. Those are just a few buildings that have Pantheon style, whether it’s an arch or the columns. The Pantheon is still standing in good form today because “the Byzantine emperor Phocas gave it to Pope Boniface the IV in A.D 608 and it was used as a church ever since” (Rome Pantheon, 2003).
How do we know what the real Pantheon looks like since it was rebuilt, or are the pictures showing the original by Agrippa? That’s where I am confused at. I was also confused about why it was built because everything I researched all said something different from each other and our class book. After reading about Rome, I wonder if they would have never discovered concrete, how would things looks now.


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