Battle Of Saratoga The Saratoga Battle took place at the Hudson River in New York State

Battle Of Saratoga
The Saratoga Battle took place at the Hudson River in New York State. It was fought for eighteen days from September 19th to October 7th, 1777. By June a new british arm of 8,000 men head south from canada, ready to kill off the american revolution once and for all, they were led by General John Burgoyne one of the best cavalry officers in the british military Burgoyne pushish the british men south while following the Hudson River, they say that his army was like a mobile city. The Redcoats are accompanied by 2,000 servants, wives and mistresses, 200 supply waggons carry 84 tons of powder, guns, silverware, and tables for the red coats meals. The British plan was to travel from saint john’s in canada 170 miles to saratoga deep into the new york colony then he would link up to a victories british army in new york city cutting the colonies into two parts. But then the American frontier became the british army’s worst enemies, the brishis ran into an army of sharp shooters and they didn’t play by the rules. The british redcoats are trained for open battlefields, so they face the rebel sharpe shooters that were hidden in the trees in cover, leading them was Daniel Morgan with 500 rifle men. He was a very smart and tough guy, and was ready and willing to step up for anything and everything when the time called, the say that he was the perfect guy to show up at the right time to lead the army of 500. Trees once intended to build british ships became rebel roadblocks, and the british were sitting ducks, the march south becomes a six week nightmare, and the sharpshooters know the land well so the british didn’t stand a chance out there. Morgan’s men were armed with American long rifles, they are lightweight with a slender barrel. Morgans plan was to first take out Burgoynes native american scouts, and they did.


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