Based on my P

Based on my P.E.P. results the one that I have thought of doing is, hospital nurse. Being a nurse, there are always patients’ on the line every time you’re on a shift. It should not shock anyone that there are numerous specialized nursing aptitudes that are important to play out the obligations expected of nurses. This is the reason that there are so many necessities to become a nurse. Some crucial skills necessary for nursing career are communication, critical thinking, attentive to details, and the desire to learn. Communication is extremely important as a nurse because you will often need to have a conversation with the patients and or their families regarding the patients’ diagnostics, their medical condition and other concerns about the patients’ health. In being a nurse, having a critical mind is very significant. Nurses are confronted with significant choices on a day-to-day basis and must have the capacity to utilize basic reasoning to help in determining the finest possible solution. Paying attention to little details is crucially essential in this profession. For instance, nurses must keep in track of all they do to their patients’ in their charts. It’s a must to listen and pay attention carefully to their patients’ symptoms, and to make sure to bring some prescriptions on suitable occasions. Another skill is being desirable to learn new things. As a nurse who works in the medical field, the world of medicine is continually developing and changing, and nurses ought to be able to keep learning because there is always something new to absorb. Another career that never occurred to me from my assessment is Speech pathologist. Crucial skills necessary for this profession are, being compassionate, having good verbal communication and being a good listener. Just simply having the desire to help out patients’ with kindheartedness and care will help them connect with patients’ perfectly. Being a speech pathologist is ought to have the capacity to clearly and verbally connect with different people. These characteristics is not just fundamental to supporting people with speech complications, however in speaking with other doctor’s, hospitals and different providers. Lastly, having the capacity to listen implies that more things complete in less time, it means that people don’t have to keep repeating themselves. I think that these careers match my academic strengths and weaknesses because as I remember one of my weaknesses is writing, so I believe that in either one of these careers it’s more on like communication rather than writing. In reflection, according to my personality assessment, my strongest personal skills fit with the two careers I chose. My results in the personality assessment are caring, reliable, systematic, harmonious and positive; which I believe is all needed to become a successful nurse or speech pathologists. Two ways that will help me understand the two careers that I chose are, by getting an internship and by volunteering at a hospital to experience what being the profession feel like, so we can see an insight of being a nurse and being a speech pathologists.


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