As the leader of a business there are so many things you could focus and manage

As the leader of a business there are so many things you could focus and manage, the most important is to understand that every situation and business is different. There have been many leadership style concepts known and recognized around the business world. A great leader is one who makes those people around him or her better, encourages a culture where every team member’s idea is valued and heard.

Effective leaders have many similar qualities, the ability to communicate openly and effectively is one of the important leadership skill. Communication involves more than just listening carefully to others and responding but also includes sharing information with your team and allowing feedback, asking questions and promote new ideas. The best leaders always communicate to motivate the team. To be an effective leader, one need the ability to make difficult decisions at all time, every time a leader is faced with tough decision, a good and effective leader should be able to make a decision and understands the results of the action or decision made, taking actions and confident decision maker will allow you to become effective and respected leader of your team.

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For people to give their best, they need to be empowered in one way or another. Effective leaders understand the importance of empowering the team. According to the article “Improve by Encouraging the Best to Get Better” by Graham Gerald explains why is so important to engage employees, he continue to say engaged employees are full of jollity; they produce more and their companies are more profitable. Team as a general need to have a feel of ownership over their work and consider that what they are doing is something meaningful for the company and themselves.

The best effective leaders inspire and motivate their team by investing some time to the people they lead, as a result this can bring out their team strengths and make the team feel valuable. Understanding where the team needs motivation the most can encourage and increase their potential. I can always relate the article and the information from chapter 14 with my own experience, at my work place we do have high performance teams which meets every Tuesdays to discuss issues with higher management with the main focus being motivation and increasing performance. By involving employees on solving everyday issues in the department we have seen increase in our daily production goals and our monthly quality holds have gone down. This in one way or another helps the department and employees themselves, the sense of involvement in the process is every important, it increases morale and employee engagement in general.

Becoming an effective leader takes time to learn and practice leadership skills until you become used to them. In chapter 14 we learned that leadership is the power and ability to influence others to willingly follow organization goals, although not everyone is capable to be a good leader, but there is strong evidence that people can be trained to be more effective leaders.


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