As it is said in the law of matter “Energy is neither created nor destroyed

As it is said in the law of matter “Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is just transferred from one form to another”, energy is needed for the survival of everything in the world. Energy is gathered from a host of different sources and through different means. Plants gather their energy from harvesting natural energy from the sun. Animals on the other hand do not create their own energy they gather their energy from the consumption of food. Based off of this principle, the importance of the following device is highlighted. The induction stove is a relatively new technology as compared to the more popularly known methods of cooking eg. The gas stoves and the electric stoves. This induction stove is basically operates on the principle of induction based on faradays experiments with magnetic fields.
The induction heater is a counter top stove that uses an electromagnetic coil with a current flowing through it, which generates a magnetic field around it. When this field is cut by a conductor i.e. metal pot base heat is generated in the conductor/pot and then the heat is transferred to the food during cooking.


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