As a pharmacist graduate who is trying to excel in clinical practice and research

As a pharmacist graduate who is trying to excel in clinical practice and research, I realized that understanding the dose-response relationship without mathematical and statistical models is rather inapplicable in most cases and in specific population, due to the fact biological systems are inherently nonlinear and the inter-individual variability between patients. Despite the pharmacy curriculum is rich and diverse, the missing didactic bases for most clinical challenges would be computational and methodology based knowledge. Previously mentioned drive me to pursue a program that accommodates the diversity of skill sets necessary to graduate scientists with formal pharmacometric training. To that end, I would like to join the multidisciplinary pharmtrex Research program that adapts a synergy at the interface between system biology and PKPD creating a humanized tool that will connect drug levels to cellular functions, aid in understanding the systemic aspect of the response mechanism, and orchestrates opportunities that will materialize ideas for the benefit of drug discovery, disease treatment, and pre-clinical trials. Also being a part in a close-knit team of researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds, will facilitate critical thinking in translational research settings and will promote my professional and personal development.


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