Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is known by the public to be environmentally-conscious company, committed to clean energy efforts. Apple Inc has a dominating smartphone market in both the United States and China, however, the current unrest over trade between the United States and China has caused increased pressure for Apple Inc. in their newest endeavor—funding three hundred million dollars to China to aid in its continued clean energy projects. There are several additional factors that make this investment tricky, aside from the approaching trade war. First, Apple Inc. is based in the United States, yet most of its products are manufactured in China (Jourdan, 2018). Apple Inc. then ships the products from China worldwide, and therefore back into the United States for U.S. consumers. Therefore, were things to become increasingly volatile between the United States and China, there would be added disruption in production, sales, and distribution for Apple Inc. Second, a major focus of the Chinese government it to minimize pollution and develop cleaner air, soil, and water for its citizens (Jourdan, 2018). Because of this push towards the reduction of smog, Apple Inc. has been pressed to get on board and improve its clean energy efforts. Surprisingly, Apple Inc has responded, and now claims that all its facilities worldwide are powered solely by renewable energy (Jourdan, 2018).


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