Anthony Zuccaro Mrs

Anthony Zuccaro
Mrs. Probst
English 2
May 16 2018

The worldwide popular children’s movie Finding Nemo directed by Andrew Stanton, follows the heroic journey of being a father through a wide deal of obstacles as well as detours while on his journey to reunite with his son. The whole point in this movie is to allow the universal message to be seen throughout Finding Nemo are the basic steps of the hero myth, the different types that characters fit comparable to, and the universal themes that are found throughout the movie.
Marlin shows many herotic qualities throughout the movie some of these qualities are that marlin is willing to put others needs before his. when the shark attacked his house, he risks his life to attemped to rescue his family. Also when Nemo is captured, he faces his fears of getting hurt to save his son. But moreimportantly Marlin follows the process of the heros journey, making him a hero.
Marlin is called to adventure when nemo is captured by humans. Marlin decides to save his son nemo. This step happened when marlin decided not to chase after , When Nemo went out to sea. The scuba diver that captured nemo left their goggles behind. Inside the lenses of the goggles is the place that they are taking Nemo to. The goggles is a main part to this movie and helps marvin throughout his quest. Marlin has to face some fears and he has to leave the barrier of the reef and enters the open waters.
As marlin chases the boat he gets lost in the open water and couldnt retun home even if we could remember. Throughout the movie marlin must swim away from hungry sharks go through a under water mine feild, swim through jellyfish and also gets swollowed by a whale. Marlin meets a turtle in this tidle wave thing named crash. He has really relaxed parenting skills and makes Marlin secondguess on if hes a good parent or not.

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