All actions are motivated by desires we seek our own happiness

All actions are motivated by desires we seek our own happiness, therefore our desires seek happiness not selfishness. Ethical egoism makes people put more importance on themselves than others, it’s trying to be helpful, and it seems that the argument goes about it in a very selfish way. I ought to be concerned about other only to the extent that this also contributes to my own interest. I believe that greatness cannot be achieved by looking out for the interests of the entire group. Even though on average humans will get the better for themselves by looking out for the greater good, we will never see anything that is a work of genius. It is necessary and sufficient for an action to be rational, that it maximise the satisfaction of one’s preference. Since it may be rational for me to make an uncompensated sacrifice for the sake of others. Giving to charity it’s not rational given my preference. because it maximise happiness.


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